Lagos State Govt appoints retired Hon. Justice Adesola Oguntade as the Fourth Chancellor of LASU… more photos

The Lagos State Government has appointed retired Honourable Adesola Oguntade as the Fourth Chancellor of the Lagos State University, along with other respected men and women who have excelled in their various fields, as members of the 10th Governing Council of the University.

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Speaking on new developments for the School, Governor Ambode confirms that he assented to the bill amending the Lagos State University Law. With these amendments, Academic Staff of Professional Cadre can now retire at the age of Seventy (70) years while Academic Staff of other Cadres and Non-Academic Staff will now retire at Sixty-Five (65) years.

Also, Students can now reside on Campus and the Vice Chancellor shall henceforth hold office for a single term of five (5) years.



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