Who says Ambode is a slow Governor?

Aregbe Idris, the convener of Our Lagos Your Lagos project has revealed that Lagos state governor, Akinwunmi Ambode is not a slow man as assumed.


Aregbe stated this recently in a chat with Naij.com when asked about his perception that Ambode is a ‘slow’ governor.

In his words, “Who says he is a slow Governor? We have a governor that works day and night, cares about the people; stand for unity within and amongst the people, talks about fairness and equality, advocates for positive change, balancing the progress and development between the elite and the masses. This is a governor who so much thinks about the majority and not the minority in all his dealings.

Please let’s remain calm and feel the breeze of Akinwumi Amobode with ease. Study him, he doesn’t talk: he acts. Ambode’s three and half years will supersede Fashola’s eight years. And if you are in doubt, just remain calm and be ready to compare when the time comes. With Akinwumi Ambode,ITESIWAJU EKO is assured.”

Speaking on Our Lagos Your Lagos Project, Aregbe said,

“This is an initiative put forward to ensure Lagosians embrace the new outlook of Lagos state driven by the state governor Akinwunmi Ambode. The objective of this project is to improve the everyday life of residents at the grass root level and serve as a platform for information on various advantages created by this government. We plan to be at the top of every Lagosian’s mind, when you hear “Our Lagos Your Lagos”; the first thing that resonates in your mind should be Lagos belongs to everybody who lives in it. In as much as you live and conduct your business legally and respect the tradition laws and terms of the State. Lagos state is for you.

The state is governed by a government but the people been governed have vital roles to play in making Lagos a more conducive place for survival. Together we can build a Lagos of our dream and that’s the main purpose of this project, to act as springboard to fostering understanding between the government and the people.xx He further stated that those who go against the law of the land should be punished, “punishment is a method of correcting offenders and government has authority and responsibility to punish offenders in accordance with our laws and constitution. However, people must know that for every offence committed by violating the laws, it affects other people living within the state.

For instance, if anyone vandalizes electrical gadgets meant to provide power on the highway, this action will deprive millions of road users the opportunity to drive at night.

This is why every Lagos resident must join this campaign and support the government to better our everyday living. Looking at the tempo of the current administration, it shows that Governor Ambode is focused.

Let us extend our support by orientating the populace and ensuring that government does not spend extra cost to repair facilities intentionally damaged by a few bad eggs among the people.”



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