Oh Dear! Checkout Toolz In Her Beautiful Wedding Gown … more photos

Toolz pictured in her beautiful wedding gown … see more photos detailed below:

Toolz wedding gown

toolz wedding gown

toolz wedding gown1



  1. I can’t help but observe the 3 things the Tundes & Teebilzs have in common:
    1. They are both Tsquare
    2.Theu both have Banky as bestman
    3. They both chose Dubai as wedding venue
    Hmm I pray they don’t have the other one in common.
    Congratulations to them

  2. Happy Married Life!!!
    Here’s wishing you absolute love, peace, harmony, happiness, joy, fulfilment, fruitfulness, and too much money.
    Yea this wedding gown is more like it. Thumbs up!

  3. For the blogger…..you don’t start a complimentary comment with ‘Oh Dear’. ‘Wow’ is probably the word you are a looking for. ‘Oh Dear’ connotes a polite negativity. Please note!

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