Why I gave cars to Nollywood actors – Prophet Joshua Iginla shares reasons

The Senior Pastor of Champions Royal Assembly, Kubwa, Abuja, Joshua Iginla, who gave out 32 cars to se­lected Nollywood actors and cash gifts among others to the less-privileged has opened up on why he made the move on his birthday.

“It doesn’t matter to me if I trek home as I have given even the car that I personally drive. I can only drive one car and live in one house at a time.

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This understanding is what has taught me that when I die, others will inherit my assets. The beauty of life is not in its duration but in its donation.

“I have not seen some of the ben­eficiaries before in my life or spoken to them. I’m seeing many of them for the first time today. I am seeing Jide Kosoko for the first time,” he said.

Speaking on why he annually doles out posh cars to Nollywood acts, Iginla said it was because many of them are poor but many people er­roneously think they are rich because of the kind of wealthy roles some of them play in the movies.

“So this is my own way of correct­ing the wrong impression,” Iginla said, adding that the fruits of Nollywood artistes are being reaped by pirates and challenged government to do some­thing to arrest it: “Nollywood actors and actresses are our ambassadors; they have projected the image of this country positively and so they deserve to be treated well,” he said.

Iginla also gave out cash running into several millions of naira to the aged, widows, orphanages and also offered scholarship to orphans from nursery school to university level.

Veteran actor, Jide Kosoko, who confirmed he was meeting Iginla for the first time commended him for his philanthropy.

Iginla had in 2015 given 18 cars and millions of naira out as his birth­day gift and has been increasing the tally on a yearly basis.

The beneficiaries of Iginla’s car gifts included Prince Jide Kosoko, Francis Duru, Alex Usifo, Ngozi Osondu, Thelma Nwosu and Sun­day Omobolanle aka Aluwe.

Artisans were also not left out of the largese as some got generators and cash gifts, while widows got deep freezers, bags of rice and cash gifts ranging from N150,000 to N1.5 million.

Treasure Orphanage Foundation, Nyanya, Divine Wound Orphanage, Kubwa, and Christ Home Founda­tion, Kuje, got N1.5 million each and many bags of rice. Iginla also disclosed that he has 782 widows and orphans he caters for every year.



  1. Good any way, at least this one is using the money he collected from his congregation to help others unlike those that are riding private jets and building monumental edifice thinking that God lives in big houses while some church members can’t even eat two square meal not to talk of paying children’s school fee. Most of these people are not men of God they are men of satan.

  2. Pay your tax, if churches pay taxes in Nigeria the country will be a much better place. Stop treating church money as personal money, Jesus never owned millions!

  3. Pastor could have use the money spent on cars to promote copy right laws in National Assembly. That way he will impact much more artist than few one. Truly, Nigerian artist are putting us in limelight all over the world.

  4. Whatever you say on this forum, one thing stands out, this man has shown love. It doesn’t matter to whom. How many pastors have done half of this?

    • thanks, i sincerely agree with you.this is true way of preaching the gospel,to show love to others.just imagine he is meeting some them for the first time while their are pastors and G O’s who never care for the well being of their poor members,all they ask is pay ur tithes and offering.bro joshua Iginla.may the good lord continue to bless and reward you with eternal life in heaven in jesus name.And to other wolves out their who called themselves men of God without a concern heart,you don’t worry one day you will face baba God then your eyes will opened.

  5. A man of God doling out posh cars like toys and we applaud him. Not minding the source of these gifts be it through corrupt or occult means. What matters is that he gave. The seeds of evil are usually palatable but in the end the fruits of these seeds become a life long worry. We have as human beings being described as people of easy virtue (not harlots alone!) by Satan so we might as well throw our hands up in submission and not question every action of Men of God. Not all “good” is good. Be warned. Test all spirit.

    • Dear Dele, I am so much happy reading your comment bro! Keep it up. This gives me the impression that more people who reason the way I do are still out there. The people of Nigeria have been trebbly blind folded with religious deceit. Our problem in this country is not the politicians but we the people being led and religion. We have so much confusely and wrongly worn religion that we can not longer differentiate between God and Satan! My people please wake up! Always look before you leap!

      • If any member of your church is poor or if any member of your church doesnt have a car, then you are not worth commenting on.

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