Buhari spent 365 days in office giving us excuses, this must stop going forward – Ben Bruce flares

The lawmaker representing Bayelsa central senatorial district, Senator Ben Bruce has alleged that President Muhammadu Buhari and his ministers spent their first year in office giving excuses.

ben bruce buhari

“For the past year, PMB and his ministers mistook the Federal Executive Council for the Federal Excuses Council. This must stop going forward!” he wrote on Twitter.

Known for his critical stance on government, Bruce has used social media as an avenue to express reservations over what he perceives as shortcomings of this administration.

In the sixth month of the All Progressives Congress-led government, Bruce alleged that Buhari was showing signs of helplessness.

“Six months is one-eighth of a four-year tenure. If you are still blaming your predecessor after six months, when are you going to ever deliver the goods?” he wrote on Twitter.

“Blaming others is a sign of helplessness. A numero uno should not blame. He must take responsibility for leading us out of troubled waters.

“Go ahead and attack me, I don’t mind. I am not the president or a governor. I’m just a Nigerian who loves Buhari enough to tell him the truth!”

He also criticised the delay in the inauguration of ministers, and when the ministers were sworn, he charged Nigerians to hold them accountable.

“Congrats to our new minister of aviation, let’s challenge our minister to confirm neither he nor his aides will fly first-class at tax payers’ expense. Let’s challenge our minister of transport to confirm he will use various public transports at least once a month,” he tweeted back in November.

“Congrats to @Gov_Rajifashola, let’s challenge our minister of power to confirm he won’t use generator so he’ll feel what Nigerians are feeling.”

He went on to challenge other ministers to eat “Nigeria-made foods”, Nigerian hospitals, and other locally-made products.



  1. I really wonder what time does this garrulous Ben has to do his job as a senator
    He keeps on wasting all time ranting rubbish on the pages of newspaper
    He is a fucking freaky attention seeker
    He is obviously malingering

  2. Any one that says that Ben is not trying by this, shouldn’t waste his time to reply Bens comments.

    Let’s assume that he is not based in nigeria..

  3. Obviously this so called Sen. Ben Bruce has nothing to say becos he isn’t busy enough he’s just ranting. Can u imagine?! So someone like him has the gut to complain or talk about PMB’s government that’s just 1year compare to 16 good years, i repeat 16 solid good years of their party “pdpigs” rule and they achieve nothing but FAILURE!!! Listen Ben, u and ur co failures should keep quiet! Fem! Meshornu!

  4. Ben!! Keep quiet!! What is your contribution also as a senator of FRN in the last one year??? Easier saying than done! Rubbish.

  5. As a serving senator what is your own achievement and contribution so far to your own senatorial zone in bayelsa state so far?

  6. Senator Ben I really appreciate what you’re saying but when your colleagues were pading the budget I can’t recollect your reaction on it

  7. I wonder why we still have educated fools like some of u commenting on this issue. Seems u all like suffering, then go on and enjoy it. PMB and APC said they have seen the short comings of d 16 year rule and promised us a better life as soon as they get there, but where are we truly after one year? Is Fashola using the same power source as u do? Is PMB ever goig to buy fuel at 145nr per 05:01:17 as u buy? Pls wake up over sabi house wives and husbands. It is better they criticise and fight themselves and we have a good life to live than them keeping quiet. A litre of diesel now goes for as low as N170 per ltr and kerosine is now N150 where are we going? Naira is crashing dangerously and the economy has gone down the drain. Instead of abusing and cursing someone that’s blessed already why not pray for the peace and well being of this nation. Have a great day.

    • If they put you there,can you correct in one year all the mess that PDP has turned this nation into due to corruption during their miserable and wasteful 16 years ?
      Wait and you will see the marvel Buhari and his team will pull off in just 2-3 years
      You and your likes will soon start singing a different tune

    • Mr. Ololade, my assumption is that you are aware that it is easier to destroy than to build. The rot in our system is unimaginable and there is no way on earth that even an angel, would be fully prepared b4 taking over mantle of leadership in a country like ours.
      You are aware PMB requested GEJ’s ministers and his own team; meet to understand the position of each ministry b4 hand over date, this was to enable smooth transition and continuity. But what response did he get? That he should wait for hand over date and then start running his own regime, this is detrimental to the interest of Nigerians. What else can a man do?
      Just to name a few; he concurrently has to deal with the bad situation of our economy, issues of insecurity and corrupt/ counteractive system and individuals. Its undoubtedly a tedious period, it can only get better.

  8. I think Sen. Bruce is doing what he is suppose to do, we all can’t just be following PMB like zombie, life in Nigeria is very expensive now @ #145 you have to generate your power your water ,your security and other things. PDP that is suppose to provide a stiff opposition to PMB -APC government has been technically silent, the few individuals that has the gut are taken up when all the human right activist has gone to sleep
    I think we should support Ben and others for what they were doing.

  9. As am posting this I have been in the darkness since 8pm last night , and where am living for the past 10 years it has never be this bad for at least 4years now.

  10. Bush man.Your brother spent 6years as president,he did not tar any single road in Otuoke not to talk of doing any single project in Bayelsa.You were minister and director in NTA,you stole our money to build your radio and TV station and build your silberbird galleria.What did you do for Bayelsa you claimed to come from.I beg keep quiet and go hide your head in shame.

  11. @Ololade, Most pple on this page are not apc member and no way related to buhari! You make your point in a convincing and constructive way would ave make you a better scholar and elite. All contributions here were meaningful. Don’t forget there are two sides to every coins. We shouldn’t be a dogmatic follower or satellite of anybody. Sen Ben has a point but it would have been better to come from you and I. Is he(Ben) not part of the team that mess up our economy to this stage? Was he not part of GEJ team? What was his contribution then? Also, is still part of PMB team! What has he contributed in the last one year? Nigeria challenges can’t be corrected in just twelve month( that you also know). Some people messed up this country while God will equally selected some people that will correct the mess. My prayer is that God should use this administration to fix Nigeria problems so that we would all benefit and reap the fruit of better democracy.

  12. Those who bites cannot bear being bitten. The immature comments shows how people close their eyes and ears to what is happening. Lai Mohammed has lied to Nigerians daily. These are facts that cannot be controverted. People are happy calling GEJ. And that every Ijaw man must die because GEJ ruled. The man who ruled and did not put his personal interest above all others by allowing a transition, clean and fair election? While in Office, Citizens openly insulted the man ignorantly insulted themselves as Nigerians. The man and the Office need respects as the Bible and Koran state. No one was arrested. Every act of Government was criticized by the Western Press in Nigeria to show why there be a change. Now, it is your turn, you cannot accommodate criticism, that people should take whatever comes from the present government. Wole Soyinka during Abacha era had once said, “In the absence of constructive criticism, leaders turn tyrants”
    You talk of rot, rot, OBJ led Government left Nigeria without roads. N320,000,000,000 budget for road repairs, even the road to Ota farm was not repaired. No one, planned to kill all Yorubas that OBJ ruled.
    Can the APC apologists read newspapers over the years PDP (the so called share the Money) was ruling? The electoral promises? Would PMB take over government before his due date? Was the budget delays arising from corruption on account of the ruling party also rot from GEJ government?
    Was the award of N60Billion Run way contract of Abuja Airport, GEJ Project, when a state few kilometres away from Abuja built an entire Airport from scratch to finish at N3+Billion? A lazy workers complains of his tools.
    Ben Bruce from the records during OBJ era built more Television Stations in Nigeria than all the Television Stations built from Independence to-date as the Chairman of the Commission. Even the opposition did not complain of the costs at which these Tv stations were built nationwide. If there is one, let me know.
    It is when someone points to the deficiencies of a system, the system can be perfected. Lai Mohammad was asked a question? HAS HE DECLARED HIS ASSETS OPENLY AS WAS THE ELECTION PROMISE OF PMB IN FRONT OF TELEVISION? NO ANSWER? WHO IS FOOLING WHO? That PMB assets declaration contains detail of Children Accounts and cannot be made public. WHAT IF ALL LOOTS OF THIS TIME ARE LOADED INTO CHILDREN ACCOUNTS? TELL ME OOO? He who comes to the public court like the Musical stars must be ready to make their affairs public for purposes of integrity and corrupt free conduct of affairs. Let those whose actions are attached make remedies for our common good. Without criticisms of governments, there shall be no development. Please refer to Shadow Governments in Britain, the one who ruled us. In fact, PDP is sleeping and some APC members appears to be there throwing spanners into the works, such that the party remains in disarray and without leaders.

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