Cocaine trafficker forces Dubai plane to make emergency landing in Lagos

An Emirates flight EK 262 from Sao Paulo, Brazil to Dubai, United Arab Emirates has made an emergency landing in Lagos on Saturday due to the deteriorating health condition of a suspected cocaine trafficker.


Screening by anti-narcotic officials found four passengers positive for drug ingestion who are currently under interrogation. One of the suspects in critical health condition was immediately hospitalised as doctors battle to save his life.

Chairman/Chief Executive of the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA), Col. Muhammad Mustapha Abdallah (retd.) who said that the suspect is responding to treatment called for stiffer penalty against drug trafficking.

Abdallah said that the Agency needs the cooperation of all stakeholders to send a warning to drug trafficking organisations.

According to Abdallah, “NDLEA is taking necessary measures to protect and promote the image of Nigeria and will resist any attempt to undermine the gains so far recorded in the fight against drug control.

”Drug traffickers must be severely punished to reduce the number of persons getting involved in the criminal act. All hands must be on deck to condemn drug trafficking in its entirety”.

NDLEA commander at the Murtala Muhammed International Airport (MMIA) Lagos, Mr. Ahmadu Garba said that the Emirates flight left Sao Paulo, Brazil to Dubai but was forced to come to Lagos due to the health condition of a passenger on board who ingested cocaine.

“A passenger complained of severe abdominal pains and later suffered three recurrent seizures thus necessitating an emergency landing in Lagos.

“Upon arrival, four passengers tested positive for narcotic ingestion. They are Okeh Desmond, Ezeanya Nnaemeka, Christopher Nonso and Chibusi Promise. All the suspects are under observation” Garba stated.

It will be recalled that the NDLEA has beamed its search light on flights originating from Brazil and Dubai in recent times because of its notoriety in cocaine trafficking.



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  2. For the Igbos refusing not to admit what is bad is bad, please whenever you get caught in criminal activities, always mention you are from Biafra and not Nigeria. Let’s see how the whole world will accept your new dream.

  3. Why not leave those element of national disgrace to die off
    They are mere bad news to Nigeria and the world in general

  4. Ibos can sell their Mamas for money…vanity upon vanity…four people ingested cocaine…they are all ibos, SHAME!

  5. “Drug traffickers must be severely punished……” There will soon be tirades against the NDLEA chief. They will say he is against a certain segment of the country!

  6. Innocent Nigerians in diaspora have lost International reputation due to the activities of our boys. The highest incidence of hard drug peddling is mostly with our Biafran broses. Get rich quick syndrome. It is not by power o….

  7. Whoever that’s been caught in the act, the same is a criminal. So let’s allow the law to have is due cause. We are disintegrating our country by calling ourselves all sorts of name like ..BIAFRAUD, igbos , Biafrans or Evil children of Oduduwa.
    Do we still remember our National slogan? PEACE and UNITY. I pray that the Labour of our past Heroes should never be in vain.

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