Daughters to Late footballer, Rashidi Yekini want to know how their father died

The two daughters of late African Footballer of the Year, Rashidi Yekini, Miss. Rashidat Yemisi and Omoyemi, have declared that they would institute an inquisition into the death of their father.


The senior daughter, Rashidat Yemisi, a 21 year old Cinematography undergraduate of the University of Leicester, United Kingdom, stated that, over time, she has been asking her mother to tell her the kind of death that killed her father, but uptil now, she has not been able to tell me anything definite.

“Myself and my sister want to know how our father died and the only way is to do an inquisition. We want to know if he was killed or he died a natural death. If he was killed, the culprits must be prosecuted.”

Omoyemi, an English undergraduate of the University of Ilorin, in agreement with her sister said, their dream was to turn their father’s mansion in Ibadan to a museum where Nigerians would be coming to see Rashidi Yekini’s legendary trophies and other memorabilia won at both Nigerian and European clubs and international individual awards won as a Super Eagles legend.

She lamented that, this dream has been thwarted by her father’s family members who carted away all his trophies, important photo portraits of international awards presentations in clubs and national team, soccer boots, jerseys and other important properties which would have made up the items for the museum.

She confirmed that, one of the photo portraits which was in Yekini’s living room when he was alive, where he was presented with a trophy as the highest goal scorer in one the numerous African Nations Cup he played by world soccer legend, Pele, was the photo portrait placed on the table for the condolence register at his hometown, Ira, in Kwara state during his funeral.

She stressed that, this was a clear evidence that her father’s family members were the ones who carted everything away, while making a false claim that he gave his prized possession during his alleged crisis period.

Omoyemi, who stayed in the Ibadan house with Rashidi Yekini, said that, the claim that her father was mentally ill was false.

“He was mentally balanced, my father was okay before his untimely death. The other claim that it was insanity that made him gave the needy large sums of money, was also false, as my father was fond of giving money to the needy and I don’t see anything wrong with that. There was also an allegation that he removed the leather furniture in the living room to the compound and set it ablaze. This is not true, if he had burnt them, there would have been remains of the burnt furniture in the compound, but there was nothing of such there.

“My father’s lawyer also told us that he had a gun in the house for more than 15 years and there was never a time he harassed anybody with or he shot sporadically into the air to scare anybody. Would somebody who is insane drive his car without committing any traffic offense, he had his hair cut as at when due, observe his Muslim prayers regularly and play football every morning at the Liberty Stadium, Ibadan with the Oyo All Stars.”

She also stated that, the news that her grandmother in Ira, Kwara state, was suffering is not true as adequate care had been taken by her father to make sure mama won’t suffer.

“He bought the six flats in Ira for mama in 1994. My grandmother collects rent from four out of the six flats and some boys quarters at the back. With this rent she is more than comfortable.”

She confessed that, the last time she saw her grandmother was when she visited her alongside her late father in Ira.

Rashidi Yekini’s personal lawyer disclosed that, the late African football legend confided in him that, if he was taken away by his family members, he would be killed. And that was exactly what they did to him.

He revealed that, Yekini’s family had tried three times to abduct his client but only succeeded the fourth time when he was away on a business trip to Kuwait.

“Earlier on when the Oyo State Commissioner for Police gave an order that Yekini should not be forcefully taken from his home in Ibadan, the family members led by his kid sister late Rufia and Yekini’s mother, went to the police commissioner begging that he should allow them to arrest the African legend so as to cure him of his insanity. But the commissioner rejected the application insisting that from a test carried out on Yekini, he was okay. But they succeeded in abducting Rashidi Yekini when I was away in Kuwait. I was away when someone broke the news to me and when I got back I heard on the CNN news that my client was dead.

“It is painful that he was killed brutally and from information I gathered, Yekini was taken to some Muslim ‘marabouts’ who shaved his head and chained his hands and legs. It was these ‘marabouts’ that allegedly gave Rashidi Yekini a poisoned tea. When he drank the tea, he went to sleep and when he woke up, he started vomiting blood before he died. The doctor in the hospital where he was later taken to in Ibadan said Yekini was brought in dead. And when I asked why he gave the family members a death certificate since he didn’t know the cause of death, he revealed that the family begged him to write one so that they would be able to move him to Ira his home town for burial.

“Yekini’s kid sister Rufia, now late, and his mother after his death later went to the First Bank in Dugbe area of Ibadan, where he had kept his money. When they requested to collect the money, the bank told them that Rashidi had personally cleared his account few weeks back.”

Jibril Olarenwaju said the vicious nature of Rashidi Yekini’s family members made him at some point to fear for his own life.

“My client did not write a will before he died in line with his Muslim belief,” adding that, “Yekini had told me that if he dies he should be buried in Ibadan, but his family buried him in a shabby site in Ira and I would have exhumed his body to rebury in Ibadan but this is also against the belief of Muslims. I promise you that Nigerians have not heard the last about Rashidi Yekini’s death,” he said.



  1. All the comments above is the reason why we are still stagnant as a nation. A possible murder has been committed and we’re not interested in bringing the culprits to justice to serve as a deterrent. If looters and lawbreakers have been made answerable for their sins, this country would have moved in bounds.
    Here you are condemning a legitimate request by the daughters of a football hero. We want our society to be as radiant as the Whiteman’s but we are not ready to imbibe his discipline and quest for justice. Illiterates are too many on this forum that I puke at some comments

  2. Very true Dodo. Very soon someone will stupidly comment and say”Buhari caused this” or “this is what happens when you have a clueless president “.

    Dear ladies please seek to know tge truth, judgment and bring to book those who murdered your dad. You have a right to know.
    Even the doctor who certified him dead should be brought to questioning.

    As for those who said they should let him rest , or the girls should go and marry or ask Google.
    Maybe you will understand better when the same predicament befalls you , guess by then you or your family members will ask Google.
    Anunmpama people.

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