Man Stabs Girlfriend in broad day light over infidelity … See Video Clip

A man has stunned a crowd by stabbing his cheating girlfriend in broad daylight with a knife after catching her with another man.In Cebu, the Philippines, a guy spotted his cheating girlfriend with another man. Enraged, he grabbed a knife and took the girl hostage.

Out on a busy street in broad daylight, he held her by the neck and threatened her at knife point as the scene kept attracting more and more onlookers. Eventually, the tension escalated and as the girl tried to tear herself out of his grasp, he stabbed her.

That prompted the onlookers to intervene and move on to the guy. He let off the girl, and took off. The mob chased after the distraught guy and caught him. The first video shows the standoff and the chase.



  1. Foolish man. Was that is first girl friend. You don’t own a girl until you put a ring on her finger . And even after that she’s free to go if the court grants her divorce.

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