Nigerians can decide if life under APC is better than that under PDP – David Mark

The immediate past Senate President, Senator David Mark, has declared that the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, in 16 years built the foundation on which the All Progressives Congress, APC, won its election.


Mark also appealed to Nigerians to remain steadfast for the sake of democracy despite the economic and socio-political challenges they are facing.

In a goodwill message to Nigerians marking this year’s democracy day, the former Senate President stressed that democracy was unique, “because it is the first time in the last 17 years of uninterrupted civilian administration that an opposition political party is in charge”.

He said, “The PDP provided the enabling environment for democracy to thrive. It never hindered or prevented opposition parties from operating. Everyone had access and the political space was free for all.

“For 16 uninterrupted years , the PDP discharged firmly and competently the popular mandate of governance of Nigeria through four unprecedented political transitions which included the first ever transition of power from a ruling political party to opposition party in our country.

“By this, the PDP ensured that after a largely fruitless search since independence, democracy as a form of government has come to stay as the norm.

“Today, whether the same scenario is available in our country is up to the citizenry to judge. Whether life is better now or then is however debatable.

“All the same, this is our country. Which ever side of the divide one finds him or herself, we must strive to play such roles honestly and patriotically in order to make our country a better place.”



  1. David Mumu should go and sit down because you are shameless. By God your scandalous dealings throughout your sojourn in government would be opened soon.

  2. Life is better now bcos looters like u do not direct access to public funds dat u keep for ur children‘s children‘s children‘s etc.our mumu don do.i nd my wife shall vote PMB/APC again in 2019.

  3. Buhari is a fool one year in office no project some stupid people lk him is here praising him.P M PHAROAH BUHARI LET MY PEOPLE GO.

  4. David shut up your mouth.The biggest theif of the century beginning when you were communicstion minister under military.You forget when you said telephone is not for the poor,na for only thief,thief people like you.Your days are numbered when all your loots both home and abroad will be exposed.

  5. Life is far far far better now under APC. We now know the real thieves, looters and our money is returning back to government treasuries

  6. You are the most stupidest person in politics. I don’t know what you guys learnt in school. You try to make Nigerians think that corrupting is normal, well for your information, truth will always prevail over evil.

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