President Buhari’s first year scorecard according to Punch newspapers





  1. These grades will remain poor for the rest of Buhari’s tenure. The crop of ministers and senior advisers in the Buhari administration lack the capacity and know how to handle their jobs. The buck stops at the president’s desk because he gathered this clueless bunch. Without the military our president would have lived a simple goat herder life. Buhari is way over his head on this one and it

  2. The most annoying aspect is electricity supply, how can we keep paying for increased tariff for darkness nationwide? Please BRF should be helped, it’s obvious that he can’t handle the three ministries. Nigeria is almost at a standstill due to non power supply.

  3. I do not think that Nigeria needs Universities of Science and technology when our present universities have no infrastructure

  4. What about terrorism and corruption. They forgot to add that. It is those of us that are still alive that knows whether he is doing well or not and we should be thankful for that. When there is life, there is hope.

  5. Why did the nicompoops leave out corruption? Clearly, fixing corruption is fixing half the country’s problem.
    Anyway Omokiri is PDP’s mouthpiece, I will never believe the source of that information. Corruption is seriously fighting back

  6. A typical American will say God bless America, irrespective of whatever happens. The current government met a decaying economy and is working to put it straight. In the midst of it , the decree of sabotage from the corrupt elements and their agent is very high. Change needs a lot of perseverance. Don’t let us condemn our government, for what we are passing through currently is the price we all have to pay for a better Nigeria. Long live our great country Nigeria.

  7. @ Niyi, seriously our president is working and cutting cost with the budget of 16billion to renovate aso rock , and also with the frequent foreign trips he embarks on costing billions of naira.Like seriously the change is almost at your corner when you can not longer feed nor send your children to a deceit sch. There is a common proverb that you will know the food that will satisfy you by merely looking at it.I also agitated for change but I m strongly disappointed at the change we are being offered.

  8. Take or u leave it,PMB is really trying to put in place the bad state of Nigeria economy/polity inherited from the PDP overlords&cronies.
    Corruption & insecurity are major bains to gud governance which d administration is rejuvenating admist other factors militating Nigerianisation.

    • How pls? By the amount of money wasted on mostly needless foreign trips and huge amounts to renovate (nor build) asorock and its clinic!!! Appointing clueless gang as ministers and aides? How pls

  9. I disagree with the score card with out money you can’t achieve anything so we all need to cooperate with this government to succeed, with prayer every thing is possible ,we have prayed during the election to avoid blood shed and God answered the same God is still available so everyone should pray for success and peace in this country, God bless you all IJN amen.

  10. I agree things may be tough for now. I don’t remember this scorecard being put up when Obasanjo or Jonathan was in office. Maybe if we had this scorecard for every year since 1999, we would have seen some progress. Can we give the guy a break? If your house took 20 years to destroy, would you be able to raise it up in 1 year?

  11. Nigerians entered one chance oooo! This PMB is a complete Dictator, he didn’t have political and economic blue print always blaming past govt, when will APC stop it and lead us to the promise land????? It’s very good for Nigerians to experience negative change of poverty ,darkness and hunger, well done PMB/APC rulers…

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