Russia to establish nuclear centre in Nigeria – Ambassador

The Russian Ambassador to Nigeria, Amb. Nikolay Udovichenko, on Saturday announced that the Nigerian and Russian Governments plan to sign an agreement for the establishment of a multifunctional scientific research nuclear centre in Nigeria.

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Udovichenko, who disclosed this in Lagos at this year’s Alumni Congress of the Soyuznik Alumni Association in Nigeria, said that the Nigerian and Russian governments had been negotiating for the centre’s establishment.

The theme of the congress was “Harnessing The Potentials of the Nigerian Graduates of Higher Institutions of former USSR States”.

Bilateral cooperation between Nigeria and Russia is blessed with huge potential in every avenue.

“Nuclear energy development is another area with good prospects for our two countries’ cooperation. This June, we expect to sign a bilateral agreement for the establishment of a multifunctional scientific centre in Nigeria,’’ he said.

The Envoy also said that his government was working at reactivating its Trade Representation in Nigeria, to further promote trade and economic relations between the two countries.

Udovichenko, who said that thousands of Nigerians had over the years benefited from quality education in Russia, also announced his government’s plan to sustain the scholarship programme for more Nigerians.

The Envoy said that it was imperative for such Nigerians to use their knowledge for the development of their country, as well as strengthening ties with the Russians.

President of Soyuznik and Chairman of the ceremony, Otunba Henry Ajomale, said that the association was made up of academicians, medical doctors, engineers, diplomats, political administrators and heads of professional organizations trained by the Russian government.

Ajomale expressed the gratitude of the beneficiaries to the countries that formed the former Soviet Union for bequeathing a lasting legacy, with which they could contribute to the development of Nigeria.

We should not forget to celebrate our common heritage as beneficiaries of a unique programme by the former Soviet Government that gave us the opportunity to become what we are today,’’ he said.

The Soyunik Alumni Association of Nigeria, is the association of Nigerian graduates trained by the Former Soviet Union and Commonwealth of Independent States(CIS).



  1. Russian helping Nigeria is good but going nuclear power is going to divide Nigeria for sure because intimidating of Islam’s is going to be rejected at all time’s

  2. PMB,you have to be very very careful with this countries pretending to be helping NIGERIA To me I don’t see Anything Good from Russia. All I know is That the problem of this country is in our hands so we don’t need an outsider to fix it for us because if we Do it then means we are Deceiving ourselves.

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