Shocking! Biafra supporters allegedly threw Police officers into River Niger, stab one

According to reports, Biafra supporters allegedly stabbed one police officer and dumped two others inside River Niger after a clash today May 30th. The report claims that the Biafra supporters who are celebrating Biafran heroes today, were parading the River Niger road when the police patrol van ran into them and attempted to disperse them.


The Biafran supporters reportedly overpowered the police officers, threw two of them into River Niger and allegedly stabbed another police officer.

One of the police officers has been rescued from the River and has been rushed to the hospital while the other one is still missing



  1. Now go back Nigerian Police, you just can’t do it, its not an issue of collecting egunje on the street with the left hand that you speacializes on. Lets Mazaje Tukur Burutai and his team go there to takeover their job pls

  2. what we need to do is to prevent further evasion of these people to d West, Northern and southern part cuz we knw their region is too harsh and toxic 4 them.Soldiers, JTF, Police, Navy e.t.c do d needful…I’m loving this.

    • So u mean if such police man happen to be your brother, this will be your conclution? Let us do the right thing no matter the situation

  3. When people act like this and we can not caution them on such despicable act, it is wrong. This is part of what is killing us as a nation. This is totally wrong and should be discouraged. We should not act like baboon even if you are called one.

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