Bizarre! Two Family Members Fight Dirty Over Who Should Inherit Late Brother’s Wife (Photo)

It is an all out war between two family members as they fight dirty over who will inherit their late brother’s wife.

A shameful incident has seen two family members from Kakamega in Zimbabwe fighting over who should inherit their late brother’s wife.

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According to reports, Alfred Mukhobi died in 2010 after a short illness, leaving behind his wife, Rose Abwona, 45, a mother of nine.

However, things are not looking well for the late man’s cousins. Mukhobi’s cousin, Alexander Alusa, who went ahead to inherit Rose and has been taking care of her and providing for her kids has now incurred the wrath of Mukhobi’s brother, Henry Mukhobi who is threatening fire. He accused Alusa of being selfish and greedy.

It is alleged that on several occasions, he (Henry) attacked Alusa, leaving him with serious injuries.

Giving details why the two are fighting, Henry said that Alusa’s decision to inherit his late brother’s wife was wrong and could anger Mukhobi’s spirits. He claimed he was the rightful inheritor because he was the deceased’s brother.

“If my late brother learns that he inherited his wife, trust me, he will be very angry,” said Henry adding that, “This man Alusa even moved into my brother’s house, which is disrespectful! What nonsense is that?”

However, Alusa has refused to leave Rose saying that she is in love with him.

“I was to build Rose a new house, but the community didn’t allow it. She appreciates the fact that I have been paying her kids’ school fees and providing for her since her husband died,” the 69-year-old father of one child who lost his wife in 1998, said.

He added: “I work at a hotel in Kakamega town as a plumber and living in Khayega is more convenient since I can get to town early enough, compared to when I used to live in Chirobani. I removed one iron sheet from my late cousin’s house and replaced it with a brand new one as tradition dictates. I also shifted the bed position to signify a new beginning.”

However, told has revealed that she loves Alusa and has no plans of leaving him since he even paid her dowry.

“I love him. He gave my parents Sh20,000 and one cow that my late husband hadn’t finished paying,” she said. She accused Henry of being abusive and disrespectful some years back after she refused his advances



      • Glancing through the story, the incident happened in Zimbabwe not Nigeria. May God Almighty help Our President from all these Cinics, Critics or Defamer.

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