I underrated the influence of PDP for 16 years, says Buhari

President Muhammadu Buhari on Monday described his first year in office as nasty.

He recalled that some of his cabinet members lost weight because of the process.

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Buhari stated this when he hosted some members of the State House Correspondents to an anniversary lunch.

He, however, stated that efforts had been intensified to get the international community’s support towards full recovery of the diverted 2.1billion dollars meant for purchase of military hardwares to fight insurgency.

Buhari described the first one year in office of the All Progressives Congress-led administration as a tumultuous year for everyone in the villa.

“I will talk about my experience here in Aso Villa. I underrated the influence of the PDP for 16 years watching from outside are eight consecutive governments.

“The experience of the staff, their commitment and zeal is different from what it is now. Sixteen years of development in the life of a developing nation is a long time.

“When we came, there were 42 ministries and we cut them to 24.

“This is where I pay my respect to former President Goodluck Jonathan. This is actually privileged information for you.

“He called me at a quarter past five in the evening. He said good evening, your Excellency Sir, and I said good evening.”

He said, “‘I have called to congratulate you that I have conceded defeat’. Of course, there was dead silence on my end, because I did not expect it. I was shocked.

“I did not expect it because after 16 years, the man was a Deputy Governor, Governor, Vice President and was President for six years.

“For him to have conceded defeat even before the result was announced by INEC, I think it was quite generous and gracious of him. So, I thank him for that.

“(Former Head of State) Abdulsalam recognized the generosity of Jonathan to concede deceit and said we should go and thank him immediately and that was the first time I came here’’, he said.



  1. It is legacy you will endure as such ,we are waiting for your work evidence,people are murmuring like mad man in the street do to hardship please wake up stop sleeping or you resign

  2. Are u indirectly praising Dr. Jonathan so that the Niger Delta Avengers can drop their arms? Iliterate president like u

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