Serious Warning for all Women! This is What Wearing Fake Earrings Can Do to Your Ears

A new report has examined the grave dangers women get themselves and their newborn female babies into when they wear fake earrings.

Caress Manufacturing Company, an England-based company, has warned Nigerians and other African countries on the usage of fake earrings and piercing kit for women especially new born children.

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ADELOVE reports that the company through its Business Development Manager, Samantha Nicholson, said that the usage of the fake piercing kit can cause loss of hearing.

She explained that the fake earrings are made from brass which can cause irritation and other skin and ear reactions.

According to Samantha, “Brass can cause an allergic reaction leading to a skin infection. Common reactions are spots and rashes. Skin might get itchy, dry and irritated and appear red, flakey or scaly. Nigeria, Ghana, The Gambia, Ivory Coast are the main countries that are prone to this fake product.”

She further explained that piercing kits and earrings are to be made from good environment and gold, “The quality of our product is of utmost important to us. We’ve found with most fake studs they are made with brass with just a flash of gold.

“Not only is this a health hazard but also the studs will tarnish quickly and won’t last long Samantha revealed that the 30 year old manufacturing company is sounding the warning gong because there are Chinese companies supplying Nigerian and African with fake earrings and piercing kits.

“We are facing problems with China producing inferior and cheap imitations of our studs. They are trying to pass them off as our best-selling No1 Original Studs. Not only is this an infringement on our trademark it’s also damaging our brand by supplying substandard products illegally under our name.

“We are working with our attorneys in Nigeria to try and get these fakes off the market place and prosecute anyone that is selling these illegal and unsafe products,” she added.



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