We Must Not Give Up Hope – Tinubu Consoles Nigerians

Former Lagos State Governor and an All Progressive Congress, APC, chieftain, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu has challenged Nigerians to hold fast to their faith in the country irrespective of the current economic situations.


The APC chieftain in his Democracy day speech to the nation reminded Nigerians that the quest for democracy is a battle as opposed the view of it being a banquet. He however encouraged citizens to have a little more faith as the country is just about out of the woods.

In his address, Tinubu said: “Remember, the quest for democracy is a battle not a banquet. We must stick with it and not give up hope, just when fairness and justice have finally gotten the upper hand. We must persevere not just until the tide of battle seems to have turned in our favour, but until the opponents of democracy have been decisively and thorough bested.”

He further added: “Thus, we do not relent in defending democracy just as we should not relent in expecting the benefits inherent in democratic good governance. This means we must not sit back and merely let government contest with those who would again turn government against the general welfare. All of us must join the fray because the fray is about us when we live in a manner than fulfils our national purpose.

Addressing the isue og decline in oil prices, Tinubu said: “There is a problem that cuts all areas equally. If we are not careful, it will afflict us a long time to come. In a cold, swift stroke, the decline in oil prices has turned into a mockery the model upon which we had for so long based our political economy. We either must waste away or construct a new model.

“Our economy should diversify by expanding our infrastructure network, bolstering agricultural and farm incomes, as well as filliping industry and manufacturing to provide jobs for a rapidly expanding urban work force.”



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