Why Buhari didn’t release details of alleged corrupt officials – Lai Mohammed explains

The Minister of Information, Lai Mohammed, has attributed President Muhammadu Buhari’s failure to release details of looted assets, recovered from corrupt persons, due to “legal reasons”.

A fortnight ago during the anti-corruption summit, which held in London, the President had hinted that he would be releasing the names and amount recovered from such officials during his Democracy Day address.

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But speaking Sunday evening in reaction to Buhari’s failure to do so during his Sunday morning address, Lai Mohammed, explained:

“Yes, he initially said so (that he’ll give specific details about recovered loot), but he was advised against doing so for legal reasons.”

According to ‘the Cable’, the Information Minister also said his principal has the right to reverse himself.

“Of course, he has a right to reverse himself on that,” he said.

Mohammed, however, said the administration will publish some details of recovered loot, but a far cry from what the president initially promised.

“We will get the list but not today; before the end of the week. But I must say not with the names.”



  1. Hmm,there is a lot of issues not known to the public behind this list. I believe this is the right time for all these good-for-nothing organizations need to put pressure on the Govt to release the amount stolen and the names.

  2. Excuses and more excuses. Didn’t he know about legal pitfalls before promising that he would name and shame looters?That’s one of this administration’s biggest problems, reneging on promises.Nigerians are getting impatient and irritated.

  3. May be the name of Tinubu and lots of APC are on the list. No problem just let us know the amount that was recovered.

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