Biafra supporters allegedly stab one police officer, threw two others into River Niger

Biafra supporters allegedly stabbed one police officer and dumped two others inside River Niger after a clash today May 30th, according to a report by NAN. The report claims that the Biafra supporters who are celebrating Biafran heroes today, were parading the River Niger road when the police patrol van ran into them and attempted to disperse them.


The Biafran supporters reportedly overpowered the police officers, threw two of them into River Niger and allegedly stabbed another police officer. One of the police officers has been rescued from the River and has been rushed to the hospital while the other one is still missing.



  1. What kind of un uncultured,ill mannered,uneducated & uncivilised people is this. This is how they end up getting shot, the state govt should take appropriate measures in this issue..

  2. These confused ignorant youths won’t just have common sense.the history of biafra alone is enough to let any sensible person not support such!

  3. This Biafrans idiot hv nt like dem never experience war b4 worry like say dm born una during d 80’s una no 4 dy display una stupidity

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