Buhari government too slow, says Ohakim

A former Imo State Governor, Chief Ikedi Ohakim has called on Nigerians to bear with President Muhammadu Buhari.

The former governor, who was guest on Focus Nigeria, an African Independent Television (AIT) breakfast programme, noted that the current government was slow.

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Ohakim said that Buhari’s snail-speed style first manifested in the constitution of the cabinet which came six months after assuming power May 29, last year, noting that the nation is facing economic war that requires definitive actions.

He said: “Even in family, you have late starters and early starters. Some people can begin a race so well and collapse midway; some people can start slowly and hit the ground running at the middle of the race. All I am thinking is that Mr President may be a late starter.

“From his inaugural speech, I had expected that he will hit the ground running, but he didn’t do that. It took him six months to constitute executive council; he was trying to be careful.

“Today things are very dynamic; society does not wait for anybody. The economy does not wait for anybody. Agreed he has lost the time, but there is still time for him to regain momentum and finish the race.

“There are certain things he was supposed to have done initially which he didn’t do, like the appointment of his ministers; like the turbulence that we are experiencing in the oil and gas industry, one would have expected that Mr President would constitute the board of NNPC immediately before taking certain actions; that did not happen.”



  1. There is no magic and miracle in governance and anything done in a hurry is never done well, all that is needed is patience.

  2. Slow but not walking backward. It is better to be slow in the right direction than high speed in the wrong lane. Past 16 years governments quickly ate up our foreign reserve but the present slowly turned away from profligacy and introduced financial discipline. Oga Ohakim, slow and steady wins the race.

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