How Obasanjo, others stopped Buhari from naming looters

Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari had some weeks ago hinted he was going to name those who had looted the nation’s treasury on Democracy day.

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This was to convince skeptical Nigerians that his government is fighting corruption. However, the day came and went by, but Nigerians were not told the identity of those stealing away their common patrimony.

Though the government said it was constrained by legal exigencies, It was gathered that there were also political exigencies involved that put a stop to the planned naming and shaming of the looters.

It was learnt that some political heavyweights waded in to analyse the collateral risks of such venture to the President.

Led by former President Olusegun Obasanjo, It was gathered that the politicians explained to Buhari that naming looters might set the nation on fire.

A source in the presidency said: “You know these looters have hangers-on and beneficiaries that are willing to die for them.

“The truth is that corruption is the biggest industry in this country. Now, if you name the looters, you are fighting an entrenched cabal and this government can do without such battle for now.”

He also noted that the mood of the nation is not disposed to naming looters, with many Nigerians complaining of cash crunch.

“You are aware some people have started saying we should bring back Jonathan and corruption because of hunger in the land.

“Nigerians don’t care about looting as long as some crumbs get to them. So, realising this, we had to tell the President he will set the nation ablaze by such gigantic move.”

Buhari, it was learnt, also received advice from Obasanjo to jettison the idea so as not to trigger off a mob action that government cannot handle.

“If you name looters, Nigerians will go after them and we might not be able to handle the mob action,” Obasanjo reportedly told the President.

It was further gathered that the anti-corruption agencies also advised against the move, opting instead that the figures of recovered loots should be released.

The EFCC and ICPC reportedly told the Presidency it was better to secretly recover loots from affected former government officials who are cooperative than name looters and risk serious resistance.



  1. The reality is that corruption is the biggest industry in Nigeria with a multitude in its workforce. Commonsense rules because this govt does not need the collateral damage and uprising from such exercise. Afterall we are all guilty of abetting and colluding with the looters either through our encouraging actions or in actions!

  2. A great leader listens.but a leader who talks instead of speaking should unbderstand that his position is exposed…Mr President should learn to hold is own…

  3. Wonders shall never end. I’m disappointed to read the reasons why Mr President reneged from making public the names of the looters of the nation’s treasure. But the reasons adduced seems to me not genuine enough. In most countries, where corruption is fought headlong, the public are made to know the crime masters
    Until when their names are made public and ridiculed, looting of public treasury will not stop. Nigerians deserve to know their enemies.

  4. This government for sure must have someone that is very dear to them in the list of those that returned money for them to agree to such advice.The president for sure is hiding something.What mob action are they talking about?.I can now see why some people keep shouting that this war is against some selected people and not against corruption

  5. The problem with this administration is that they talk before they think, which is not good for any serious administration. They should learn to think before talking and apologise when they make mistake instead of making bold face.

  6. It is a national shame that some Nigerians are calling for the return of Gej in his “lootospheric gigantism”.Why are they not interested in the future of their children?

  7. Obasanjo is the problem of Nigeria and fantastically corrupt. I know he will make all move he could to cover himself.pen robber!

  8. Liar! If na true obasanjo and co prevent him to mention names of looters,. Tell us who again prevented him to pay 5000 he promised to the unemployed universitiy graduates?

  9. The implication of Failing to name the looters is that this administration has a commitment to shielding looting and is rather flexible in tackling corruption.
    Why would you shield a looter?
    Developed countries such as America and Britain will not shield looters, but rather expose them, irrespective of their societal status.
    These countries will further retrieve their money, get the people to resign and may send them to jail depending on the magnitude of the crime.
    Furthermore they will ensure that the individuals never get to the point of taking up an administrative position in future!
    If this was America or Britain; the masses will be asking for the resignation of the president.
    This brings me to the next question; Are we as Nigerians a group of mediocres?
    Is this not mediocrity in this Buhari government?
    The reason given by OBJ is not genuine; I will be surprised if OBJ is not among the looters or his name linked to somebody who will expose his part or role in the looting of our great country Nigeria!
    God bless Nigeria!!!!

    • Mr Gambo if you believe in politics by becoming a blind fan of a leader as if you are supporting Arsenal or chelsea or man u that’s a very big mystake. Support Nigeria first more than a y leader.

  10. I’m surprised that majority of those who never believed in the fight against corruption,are the same criticizing Buhari for not naming looters,Nigerians are indeed difficult people to understand,without naming anyone,these corrupt elements are already fighting so hard using all available means,including NDA,herdsmen and so on,there is a technical way of naming them and that is through convictions,this is wiser. Besides,the government should be more interested in recovering the loots,especially with the current cash crunch,and naming them may jeopardize this effort as they will be more hardened to hold on to their loots.

  11. Bukola Ajisola, Olufemi Adebayo, your names tell the story of those who are more interested in naming people. Because the chief thief is involved, he has being parading Aso rock to stop him being named and you are supporting. The entire Niger Delta Crises that have destroyed that part of Nigeria is caused by the Yoruba who by Awolowo era installed Olu of Itsekiri as Olu of Warri, Declared the Niger Delta as water areas that cannot be developed, Elisemi Publishers in Mushin in modern Day Nigeria still teaches Primary School Children in the 1990s that Ijaw man house is built in the Water. Awolowo became Vice Chairman of Gowon Government, reversed Revenue Allocation formula from 60:40 to 0:100 in favour of Federal Government when it became oil as the major export/income earning product in Nigeria as well as abandoning the area for development as he had described as water. But forgot that Lagos is majorly water where Bridges were built with the same Oil money. Ensured, all Oil Companies retained their operational offices in Lagos to employ only their people and declare Niger Deltan all illiterates. Turn Damage Clerks to Community Relations Officers and appointed only their brothers to hold Community Relations and raised miscreants to replace genuine community leaders for their selfish ends. Now, the miscreants are taunting everybody and they are complaining. General Abacha ordered the employment of Niger Deltan (in the junior cadre) in the ratio of 60:40 in all Federal Government institutions/investments including Oil Companies in favour of indigenes where the activity is located, they sacked all workers and outsourced same as contract workers. Who are the contractors? Their brothers.
    When Rawlings of Ghana genuinely fought corruption in recent past, he went beyond naming the thieves; Libya Gadaffi fought corruption, he made sure no one in the linage of those who stole the money enjoyed it. Now, Buhari’s Assets Declaration is in secrecy, Lai Mohammed has not declared his assets, even on television, he refused to answer a Direct question, he refused to answer. Won’t the corrupt in this administration load money into Buhari’s children accounts? The Clever thieves load businessmen with their loots under secret Trust Agreements, they are the ones parading Aso Rock. Name the thieves. The troubles Buhari is facing today is that of fighting enemies. Dasuku is suffering from arresting him during Babagida’s palace coup. The thieves in his cabinet are free, try everyone named and Nigerians will support you like Ghanaians supported Rawlings. Those who are best at propaganda, never like to hear another state facts, even these are true. President Ragan of USA ones said ” Facts are stubborn things do cannot bury” He was then acknowledging the successes made by his Government. Then, he said again, “You can’t fight Success” he was acknowledging the success story of his opponent. When will you people be like that to be civilized as you claim.

  12. He is afraid of the ripple effect. His canpagn was majorly funded with proceeds from corrupt activities. If na lie,make him name them. You will see the biggest public disgttace of the century.

  13. “Developed countries such as America and Britain will not shield looters, but rather expose them, irrespective of their societal status.”

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