Nigerian Gay Activists Prepares to Marry His White Male Lover (Photos)

A Nigerian gay activist has shared news about his plan to marry his white lover. The news will surely come with mixed reactions in Nigeria.


Award winning #LGBT & #HIV advocate, Nigerian Bisi Alimi is ready to tie the knot with his White American lover as he shared the news on his Instagram page saying: “At the registry this morning, giving notice of our marriage.

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5 months to go! Yay!!! #lovewins #gaycouple #equalmarriage #equallove #gaymarriage”

The issue of gay marriage raises concern in Africa as many people see it as an abominable act. No wonder many who practice the act prefer to do it outside the shores of Africa



  1. Throw up, orishirishi, blah blah blah. From what angles are we looking at this from? Are gays made or born? If they are made, who do we blame? If they are born, who do we blame. Before you condemn, say your reasons.
    I am against gayism cos I was born and tutored as a Christian and I love making love.
    Why is the other guy different? Let’s spare a thought on this.

  2. @Dodo,it’s demonic,even the natural law of physics says opposite sides attract but,in this case,it’s different,it was the same spirit that invaded soddom and Gomorrah in those days,it’s called immorality and it’s back to destroy more souls,individuals only needs to watch out,if anyone is possessed,let him or her seek for deliverance before it destroys both your body and your soul.

  3. @Baba why don’t you step up and defend your being gay rather than ask people expressing their opinion to !!Shut up!! Last I checked, this was and is still a democracy

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