Owambe Party! Checkout this Money Gun Shooter used to spray money flying in the air … video Clip

But With the current Naira to Dollar exchange rate though! You know what? What actually caught the attention here was the way he sprayed the money, how the egos/kudis were flying in the air.

The effizy  rather than using hands to spray the money, he had to make use of a Money Gun, a kind of gun that is used to spray money and this has gotten many talking. What’s your though?



  1. poverty mentality. i’m sure these commentators wants to do the same if they make money.from their comments u would rightly say so.
    people should learn how to be helpful to others instead of showcasing their wealth publicly cos it makes our youth to go into crime.

  2. How much do u think the man shot on the musicians? That was 100 naira note and only one bundle can enter that cash spray machine.

    The guy only sprayed 10k and that’s not affluence, the issue is the effizy attached to it by that lovely invention. Spraying 10k is so small for such a man.

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