Another Militant Group Emerges In Niger Delta, Threatens To Launch Six Missiles

Another militant group has emerged in the Niger Delta, calling itself the Joint Niger Delta Liberation Force, JNDLF, and threatening to begin launching six missiles in the region on June 7 in an operation it said would surprise Nigerians and the entire world.

It warned the Nigerian military to peacefully leave Ijaw communities and not attempt to deploy helicopters to the South South zone as it is going to bring them down.

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The group, which claimed affiliation to the Niger Delta Avengers, warned that no flight operations should take place within the country’s airspace as the missiles were capable of bringing down any aircraft no matter how big.

In a statement signed by General Akotebe Darikoro, Commander, General Duties; General Torunnanaowei Latei, Creeks Network Coordinator; General Agbakakuro Owei-Tauro, Pipelines Bleeding Expert; and General Pulokiri Ebiladei of its Intelligence Bureau, the group said it had observed that President Muhammadu Buhari was bent on breaking up the country and that it was set for the proposal.

The statement reads in full: “We have seen and noted that President Muhammadu Buhari (a.k.a. Pharaoh) is set for the final breakup of the country. Mr. Buhari should also know that we are also prepared and set for his proposal. The Joint Revolutionary Council (JRC) which is the highest organ of all the freedom fighting body has finally endorsed the followings:

1. After extensive and exhaustive deliberation by all Commanders of various groups in Yenagoa, the heart of the Niger Delta struggle met last night and as part of our mission, we are going to test six (6) of our MISSILES in the region. This is to show the federal government of our readiness of the American prediction.

2. There should be NO any form of helicopter to fly around in the region as we will not guarantee the safety of such object.

3. The people of the Niger Delta region should not be panic in course of test running the 6 MISSILES.

4. We may also decide within the week to shut down the Nigerian satellite orbit, so that there will be no communication in the country if needs arise.

5. Within our three (3) days operations, NO airplane should fly out of the country because it can target such object no matter how small or big it may be.

6. Our Fighter Expert Team shall be positioned in the six (6) Niger Delta states, who are already arrived the region from training through our country’s porous borders with our foreign partners who are going to showcase what they have learnt in the past one year.

7. Our struggle is not for any human blood, but we have been pushed to the wall for justice because our patience is running out on a daily basis as Nigerian uniform men are killing our innocent people continuously.

8. Nigerian military should as a matter of urgency leave peacefully the Ijaw communities they are presently in, the next 48 hours under the guise of searching for the Niger Delta Avengers (NDA) or else we should not be blamed of whatever catastrophe that may befall such officers and the likely affected families of the officers should be blamed not the region.

9. We have consulted our war gods (deities) that enough is enough and that the time has come. Since the present Pharaoh of Nigeria, President Buhari is to preside over the disintegration of the country, it is a good omen.

10. Henceforth, any attack on Ijaw communities or person(s) by the military or para-military body in the region, we will not hesitate to order our shoot-at-sight squad of any uniform personnel in the region.

11. We ask all Service Chiefs including Minister of Defence to shamefully resign their positions because Nigeria has no security in whatever form. Bravo to our Foreign Marine Crack Team for their ability to shut down Nigerian obsolete surveillance equipments.

12. For the records, Niger Delta Avengers (NDA) are not in Delta state, we only go there to strike and return back safely to the struggle base, Bayelsa state.

13. We further warn especially, Mr. Jonathan Obuebite, Information Commissioner in Bayelsa state not to criticize our activities any longer or else he has a choice of leaving the planet earth anytime he made such statement(s).

14. All oil and gas operations should shut down immediately as our MISSILES testing will affect their equipments.

15. NOTE, we shall commence MISSILES testing on Tuesday 7, June 2016 which coincides with the date of our training abroad. Since the present Pharaoh of Nigeria (Buhari) has failed us in our demands, we promise Nigerians and the entire world that we are going to surprise them.



  1. Making Nigeria ungovernable for the Dullard. Gradually, it is becoming quite understandable, that no region has monopoly of violence. Buhari arrogance, coupled with the 5% statement after he won the election is haunting him. He will never have peace till the rest of his life

  2. Gej and co as u travel and comeback dis de result of u travelin, u can try but ur evil’ll never see daylight u dont knw de beginin of Nigeria and will never see de end of Nigeria up PMB. God bless nigeria in Jesus name

  3. You had all these weapons and training and you did not go bring back our girls from Boko Haram, why can’t we be civil for once and stop all these ‘stone age’ barbarianism in the 21st century.

    God’s plan for this country shall stand, no matter what they enemies plan.

  4. The matter is straight forward
    If these criminals fire 6 missiles,the Nigeria military should respond with proportionate force
    Then we shall see who will be the worse for it

  5. Anybody who has been to the south south knows that apart from the fact that their leaders have cheated them, they are a lazy bunch. The funniest part is where they said they will shoot Nigeria sattelite out of space among dozens out there… Abi na satellite dish belonging to NTA dem mean. I’m waiting to see how u will Identify it and shoot it down… Probably u will be worth noticing… bunch of twarts!

  6. I swear! I laugh wan fall after reading this empty threat from illiterates. There is no atom of professionalism in the said write up. E be like where small pikin dey talk. A beg make una go fine work. You wan shoot misile? So who will it kill and where will you direct it to? LOL. A bi u think say misile na AKA 47? They even ignorantly wrote about satallite (see olodo in display) abegiii! Bring anoda topic.

  7. You people should know that you are talking to an army general vin civilian uniform. Your case will be worst than Odi during Obasanjo regime. You elders in as you better warn your children, a person of Buari can not be intimidated by all these threats that can hold water.
    You hearing and reading of all your money that are been stolen by your leaders,you can not face and fight those thieves, it is Nigeria you want to fight? Try and see the loser!

  8. Oh we have many illiterate in this our country, see what bloody civilians are saying, you are threatening a whole Amy people ,your days are numbers,wait and see what would happen to you people , Buhari would dealt with you people ,he is an ex military man.

  9. @Yoruba, all u want is one Nigeria but u never bothered to advice the Hausa/Fulani leaders to develope Nigeria. All u want is one Nigeria without future. On Biafra we stand whether u like it or not

  10. @youruba, u claim to love one Nigeria so much yet u only play tribal politics.u even claim to love one Nigeria more than the Hausas yet u never see anything wrong with the pace of development in the zoo. All u do is to serve as pendulum that brings north and South together aimlessly. U don’t even care about the future of ur own children. Most of ur youths have resort to “area boys” mentality yet u don’t see anything wrong with that.

  11. My people enter into captivity for lack of knowledge. Once a general remains a general in the Army. These sets of ignorant ,educated illiterates and illiterates are all seating on the edge of gun powder. Their elders are listening to their empty threat and have decided to keep a neat face. I want to remind you that PMB is a General that can not be tossed around . I also want you to remember Odi in the days of OBJ. If PMB comes out in his colour, you’ll all be forgotten. Let those who have ears to hear let them hear and go back to their tents. Esle……….

  12. Your elders at one time or the other have collected huge sums of money from these Oil Multinational companies for your community development and these huge sums of money went into personal accounts. Many of these elders are still alive amongst you ignorant people. What did you do to them? The corrupt ones among your Elders who are on EFCC list who are funding you, that think they can use your group to stop the FG from bringing them to book are jokers. Time will tell.

  13. U claim to be educated but you’re classless, tasteless and ignorant. To u, Nigeria is the most beautiful country in Africa. All is well with the country as long as one of ur own is a part of the govt. My question is does osinbajo put food on the table of every Yoruba man? Ur guess is as good as mine. U never critised this govt just bcos of him. It’s time for u to grow beyond tribal politics n give ur youth the future that they don’t deserve

  14. All I keep hearing from them is “there is unity in diversity”. My question is, has unity strengthened the Naira? Has it made tomatoes available in the market? Has it brought food to their own table? Has it made life better? Has it brought job security, has it developed Nigeria? Has it increased the lifespan of every Yoruba man? Has it brought Nigerians together? Has it provide electricity? Has it made our roads safer? Has it made Nigeria a great nation? Has it brought down the pump price? Has it provided jobs to the “timid” youths? I can go on and on

  15. Chukwuemeka or what are you call, does the southern and eastern like themselves or can they live together in peace? NO. Forget all your argument of dividing Nigeria. It can’t and will not happen.

  16. It is a pity that at least 95% of the real Niger Delta region people are not in support of this madness. My advise to the innocent people is that they should urgently start speaking loudly against those few that want to turn the region to a war zone.
    No responsible government would sit back and watch any group, under any guise kill or maim any of its security personnel at will, and not respond with maximum force. And at that stage no one can rule out collateral damages. The magnitude of which no one can predict.
    Let the elders and the innocent people speak out NOW and find a peaceful way of channeling any grievance. Silence in this case can be very dangerous.

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