Boko Haram responsible for scarcity of tomato in Nigeria – says Lai Mohammed

Minister of Information and Culture, Lai Mohammed says degraded insurgent group, Boko Haram, are responsible for the ongoing scarcity of tomato in the country.


Speaking on Channels Television, the Minister said farmers have been forced to quit the North East due to the level of insecurity in the region.

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According to Mohammed,“People talk about the price of tomato but they forget one thing; they forget that the price of tomato today is a direct result of the fact that we have lost two years harvest to Boko Haram insurgency.

“Most of the people you see riding Okada (motorcycles) in Lagos are people who would have been in the farm to produce consumable items.”

Attributing the scarcity of tomatoes to insurgency, the Minister said, “Do you farm where there is war? We have lost two seasons of harvest in addition we have had very poor rainfall last year and this year.

These are the combined responsible for the scarcity of tomato. Go and ask economists and agriculturists, they will tell you.”



  1. the tomatoes that were in surplus some months back where did it come from. Mr Liar is trying to cover up the APC inability to give Nigerians what they promised.

  2. Lai mohammed have said it all, don’t you know that all the tomatoes that is been harvest is from the north is not from there that boko haram have been disturbing so how do you want them to harvest when boko haram is disturbing them

  3. Chief and Mr. Lie the Lying Mohamed pls investigate before coming to the public to talk trash can’t you respect your age or do you think that everything is meant for propaganda?

  4. It is time to stone this liar and put him in a zoo. Why do we have to listen to this half human who most probably strayed to Nigeria from the Planet of Apes?

  5. Are tomatoes grown in Sambissa forest where boko haram inhabits? If other factors are to blame for everything, what is APC responsible for?

  6. lie, lie hilai lai. May God forgive you!!!!! So, you did not hear the disease that affected tomatoes. Before Jonathan asked for 6weeks extension of the General Elections to fight Boko Haram, when all attempts to settle this internal conflict amicably failed. And he had to consult with Ecowas to ensure cooperation of boarding countries to fight them, because, bullet will cross boards, tomatoes was not in short supply like this. Dangote factory was working. How long would you, an elderly man should continue to tell the children naked lies!!!!!!
    No one is blaming PMB or APC for tomatoes shortage or disappearance from the market. Na sudden disease which we have heard, the chemical spray has been developed by our own people. Hi bi like say!, this Asset Declaration question wey you no fit abi no gri ansar still dey worry your head o!

  7. Now I know that this man is a born liar. Must you always have lame excuses for happenings and events. I think this administration had a terrible lying foundation and if care is not taken it will pack up soon. Be a bit cautious and careful sir

  8. I don’t believe you!

    Tomatoes take between 60-70 days form planting to harvesting, so by now, even from January we should be preparing for the second batch of harvest…………….so how did you calculate the time you earlier claimed to have ‘silenced the activities of the Boko haram up till now for them to have caused scarcity of tomato?

    When you make unwise claims like this you lose credibility about whatever you say in the future.

    By the way, don’t you think the promise Dangote made months ago is responsible for farmers deciding to sell to Dangote rather than in the open market, when they would be making 3 times profit. He promised to pay them a few days after collecting the produce!

    farmers are supplying Dangote after he made the promise 3 months ago!

    • @Tunde (T&T)… don’t forget he said ” farmers have been forced to quit the North East due to the level of insecurity in the region”.

      Now, only few farmers do this. It would have been multiplied better if more farmers cultivate

      • @ Badejo F…….is he suggesting, the North East is the major source of tomato for the whole of the country to have caused the scarcity?
        If that is the case, then the ministry of Agriculture does not exist in Nigeria!

        what other farm produce could be at risk for whatever reason?

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