Ecobank Nigeria Fires 1,040 Workers

Ecobank Nigeria Limited has sacked  1,040 of its workforce. The sack happened yesterday.Reports say that the affected staff were those that achieved less than 40 per cent of their performance target, which have affected the lender’s overall profitability in recent years.


The downsising, which cuts across all cadres of its workforce including junior, middle and top management positions, is happening at a time majority of banks are battling with poor profitability over harsh economic conditions and heightened business risks from the  plunge



  1. This was expected. Is this a result of the present economic state of the nation? No! Nigerian banks have always been running an unsustainable model which has always put jobs at risk.

  2. A time is coming when this earth must Be a living hell to all of this politicians and their families. This is just the beginning, a force is coming that will be targeted just only on politicians both past and present.

  3. That force is you and I. Until we take our destiny into our hands and do away with them they will continue to take us for a ride. Remember they are weaklings who will rather flight to enjoy their loots than to fight at provocation by mass action .

  4. APC – Ecobank has sacked 1,040, First Bank had sacked 1,000, Diamond bank 200 and thousand of firms are sacking their employees under the watchful eyes of APC and Sick NLC because banks are using their profits to buy diesel. The poor workers are now victims.

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