Here’s Current Value of the Naira Today in the Black Market … See Screenshot

The naira currently seems far from recovering from the damage done to its value as it keep suffering a setback against the U.S dollar. See snapshot detailed below:

naira dollar4

The naira seems slow in its value recovery against the dollar in the parallel market as it opens with an exchange rate of N347 today, 2nd of June, 2016.



  1. Buhari is not sick St Asuzu,you do not think before your comment. You do not talk any how to our President just you are talking to your mate.

  2. U need pounds? U are right, pounds will hit N800 to $1 before our people wake up. Shagari, Yar’dua , IBB and this PMB first coming is always the same trend to favour their people. No ground nut pyramids again. But ,so so forex trade is their national cake!

  3. BUHARI is not sick. You are the one who is s e e k. You cannot even spell so where do we start from with you.

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