Hilarious: See What LASTMA Officials are Using to Perform Their Duties in Lagos (Photos)

Two members of the Lagos State Traffic Management Agency in Lagos were pictured using odd objects in the enforcement of their duties.

lastma kondo

lastma kondo2

lastma kondo3
Two LASTMA official were seen holding what looked like a pipe instead of the baton popular known as ‘Kondo’ in the performance of their duties.

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This was seen during an arrest of a commercial driver by LASTMA officials. The pictures have been trending on social media with hilarious comments but a few Nigerians have shown indifference.



  1. Those men wearing yellow and red uniform are lastma officials.They are former (agberos)touts of lagos state who are now employed by tinubu as traffic wardens.

  2. Then what wrong to hold stick if the government does not provide baton for them.If you do not have something like Iron/Stick the commercial drivers will just waste you but with that stick/iron they will afraid. The stick/iron is just to protect self. I was once a LASTMA Staff so i am talking from experience,do not blame them .Let government provide them with appropriate tool/baton.

  3. why the complaints? what they’re using is generally accepted in the zoo. is that ur first time of seeing it??

  4. Vivian and Sandra, ignorance dey worri una o! You hear sey baton go work for the popular transport buses called “Danfo” ? Dem bi like malu, correct big stick dem fit take beat the body of the Bus, otherwise, dem no go move comont for road wey dem block. Infact, LASMA dey try. If na only police, the more go-slow for road, more money for them. I am not saying, LASMA nor dey collect o! The stick and pipe is the proper instrument to control traffic at places like Ketu, Ojota, many areas where these Yellow buses apply. In fact, LASMA in that picture is with the right equipment. All correct!!!!

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