I can’t pay salaries due to the mindless borrowings of Fayemi’s admin – Governor Fayose

Ekiti State Governor, Ayodele Fayose, has disclosed that his inability to pay salaries can be traced to what he described as th‎e mindless borrowings of the immediate past administration in the state.

Fayose, who spoke on Wednesday, in Ado-Ekiti, through his Chief Press Secretary, Mr. Idowu Adelusi, expressed sympathy with the striking workers and urged them to call off their strike and hold talks with the government.

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“I have not hidden anything from the labour leaders and what our dear state is experiencing now has been aggravated by th‎e mindless borrowings of the immediate past administration in the state.

“The state is paying about N1bn monthly to service the bond and the commercial loans they took. If that did not happen, we would have had such money to add to our monthly allocations.

“During my first term in office, I was paying salaries regularly and on the 22nd of every month and workers never went on strike.

I sympathise with the workers and regret the inconveniences the current financial situation in the country is causing them.

“The situation is not limited to Ekiti State, as the country is on a recession. All these I have foreseen that made me open the finances of the state to all and run an all-inclusive financial management.

“Regrettably, it is difficult to give what you don’t have. It is in the interest of the state that the workers need to come to terms with the reality on the dwindling allocations coming to the state because even two months allocations can no longer pay one month salary.

“I implore workers and their leaders to note that even the recent nationwide strike called over fuel price increase was called off for the two sides to go into negotiation and dialogue.”



  1. If Buhari says he is clearing Jonathan’s mess u will begin to rant abeg pay pple their salaries joor. Dat is how ur cohort us owing the Workmanship &;Technical Training Centre, Bori staff 10 months. Wicked pple pay salaries abeg

  2. Small brain Ayo Fayose, u don’t give what u don’t have. U are just too daft to administer a state. U already told us that u don’t know what else to do to pay the state workers salaries other than rely on the allocation from Abuja, so this latest excuse is just an after thought. Just admit that u are incompetent and resign since u have realised that governance goes beyond eating amala,roasted corn, roasted plantain and cooked beans on the street>

  3. Fayose don’t bother yourself about the loan, if you don’t pay Ekiti state cannot be moved, pay workers let them have money to eat, they have kids, wives, husband to feed.
    How would you feel if your wife is cheating on you because she has no where to turn to financially ? Husbands can’t provide for their families.
    Ok Ekiti state is owing , then the repercussions should be on you people in government , these workers don’t get Egunje they rely on their monthly salary, but you guys get some tips and your salaries are well paid. Make una fear God na.

  4. so THIS BIG MOUTH so called governor has this skeleton in is freezer, I thought he said there is stomach infrastructure for EKITI PEOPLE?

  5. I think he just woke now. The same dumb ass threatening NO WORK NO PAY is now pleading ? Blame it on PMB, as you are wont to do. Am not surprised. No one should be. We all know how he rigged to become the governor. The audio recordings of the plan are still in circulation. Make you go chop ewa aganyin small. What a joke of a governor. Alternatively, run to your cohorts in the people demonic party to bail you out with just a little fraction of the public funds they “took” by mistake while they were there. Your ogogoro uncle don waka come back now o, he might be able to bail you out, he seems to have enough to galivant with trying to launder his image. Am sure there is enough public funds in some vaults all over the country, so make the call dumbo, am sure they’ll come to your rescue. No work no pay ? When you work and you don’t get paid nko o ? I beg make I off my radio Jo, mr dumbo Bruce is up with his gibble-gabble again. To think that it takes an Hausa man to intiate the clean up years of environmental pollution and degradation in Ogoni land speaks volumes of the cluelessness of the past administration. With all the income at $140 per barrel ! And the pollution and degradation continues !!! Shameless mdfkrs. PMB, I beg, dey do your work dey go jejely while the ekiti dumbass is looking for the next bukka to chop free amala and ewedu soup with ponmo. Charlie Chaplin senior brother.

  6. Now you have work to do in your state………..we will have peace in the area of you criticising Buhari for a while.

  7. I think this man need to be examined in the sycathric hospital. Becos this useless ,good for nothing man had the gut to criticize Buhari not minding his own buz,he just woke up from his sleep, the money he said the previous administration bored how much has he paid from that money? The money FGN paid the state from the the road project carried out by the previous govt where did he keep the money?the FGN had stopped the deduction of loans collected by states so that states could pay their staff salaries ,does this in same man think is talking to kids, I pitted you Ekiti people for allowing a mad man to run the affairs of your state, it’s in your hands to take the right decision before thing go worse.

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