Please Help! I Just Turned 18, My Elder Brother is Fond of Fondling My Boobs, Anything Wrong?

A worried girl has cried out for help after noticing a worrying trend by her elder brother who is fond of fondling and playing with her breast all the time.

A worried girl has shared a distasteful story as she reveals that her elder brother is fond of touching and playing with her boobs. She revealed a lot in a message shared online.

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Good morning admin I just clocked 18 years a few weeks ago and I’m so excited to share what has been bordering me.

My elder brother use to play with my boobs, I could be bathing or applying cream and he will just touch my boobs and run. Sometimes when we are eating, he touches it and laughs, but I got very uncomfortable because he could not do it in front of my parents, nut only when we are alone.

With this stories I hear, I’m no longer comfortable with it .

Should I tell my parents, or just over look it?



  1. Are we sure the lady is not enjoying the ungodly torch.
    Why waited till now before raising alarm. Mumu,keep encouraging evil. You better wise up.

  2. What are you waiting for tell your parent immediately.What he is doing was very risky and wrong.The early you report him to your father the better before something else go wrong.Do you want to pregnant for him?

  3. At 18 you are now an adult and you know what your brother is doing is wrong report him to your parents, except you want to get pregnant for your brother, abomination.

  4. Do it this way, tell him you discussed this with someone and the person said it’s a very wrong thing. He may not know the implication. Tell him to stop and if he doesn’t want to stop tell your parents but be more decent, don’t expose them to him (you know what I mean)

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