Biafrans are proud of Fayose, he’s a true son – says IPOB

The Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, on Thursday told South East governors, political leaders as well as those who claim to be Igbo and non Igbo elder statesmen to emulate Governor Ayodele Fayose of Ekiti State for being outspoken and condemning the killing of non violent Biafran agitators.

In a statement signed by IPOB Media and Publicity Officer Mr. Emma Powerful, the group said responsible Nigerians should prevail on President Muhammadu Buhari to do the right thing by releasing its leader and Director of Radio Biafra.

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IPOB said “it has high esteem for Governor Fayose, who has shown that he is the only detribalized politician after the late Owelle of Onitsha Dr Nnamdi Azikiwe, that is still living and does not play politics with the lives of any citizen of Nigeria.”

“We are telling the people of Ekiti state that they have a son in whom the Biafrans and IPOB and other Biafra agitators are well pleased with, this is not because he condemned the Federal Government of Nigeria for killing IPOB other Biafran and non Biafran agitators, but because he equally condemned the killing by Fulani herdsmen in Agatu in Benue and Nimbo in Enugu States and others.

“He has equally stood tall by single handily and constructively criticizing the All Progressive Congress, APC, government in all their irresponsible and anti Nigeria’s policies when his party members and other Nigerian politicians have been afraid and intimidated not to talk for fear of being arrested for one alleged corrupt act or the other”, he said.



  1. we have repeatedly told you people that Fayose was never a Yoruba by virtue, he’s a renowned vagabond in Yoruba land, he who can dare his mother by insulting her will never be a Yoruba fellow.
    Fayose likes belonged to you people biafraud, thank God for you guys recognising him as a true hero of vagabonds family

  2. An animal will praise an animal. There is no difference between senseless IPOB and Fayose so what do we expect? God will surely destroy whoever tampers with peaceful coexistence of peasants of this country

  3. Hehehehehehehe, this Biafra people are funny. I thought the Biafrans hate the Yorubas and Hausas with a passion. They actually call Yorubas cowards, so how come Fayose is now a true son of IPOB.
    Issorrait ka anyi ne le nu.

  4. Gud, i wonder,dat is why Fayose is shameless and of course a basbard in Yoruba land.Omo ale ipinle Ekiti.

  5. Forget about Fayose’s rants
    He is only playing politics with everything
    He is never a man to be relied upon
    A mean man

  6. OJ baba or what do you call yourself. It is you people that God will punish not Biafrans. Is it by force that Igloos must be in Nigeria, My culture and your culture are they the same. Are we not on our own before the criminal British colonialist fraudulently and forcefully brought entity together simply for their own selfish reasons Did the British govt consulted the ethnic nationalities for their own opinion before the fraudulent amalgamation. Do you really knows what a Nation is . We have our unity with clear line of boundary and a suited and well documented way of life that is passed on to generations to generations. And somebody came out of the blues and impose their own stragnge ideoligies on others. Is that not madness. Look you cannot rule me with a constitution that is alien to my belief, norms culture and ethos which formed the bed rock of the constitution of the igbo nation. Ibos and republican by nature. But for you peolple anything goes once an Oba has spoken. It is not like that in Ibgoland. It must be deliberated and decision taken. Please let me tell you that it is the hieght of irresponsibility to force a nation that does not want to become a part of fraudulent and nonsense entity called Nigeria. Nigeria has done more Bad to Igbos than good. If Ibos were on their own, I bet you it will be the most advance nation in african, economically, technologically and otherwise. It would have been like Japan. They would be competing like other technologically advanced nation in technology like USA, Russia, China, Japan etc. But has Nigeria given to us – backwardness, underdevelopmenet,religiuos fundametalism, fantastically corrupt nation, boko haram, Niger delta avengers, OPC APC, pipeline vandalsaiton, sex trade, wanton detsruction ofm lives and properties, poverty at is worst order, social disorder, corrupt leaders. Ritua,list ( Ibadan Soka forest), and you want us ton continue to be part of Nigeria. Who plunged Nigeria into these mess, Is it not the Hausa/fulanis and the Yorubas. Who has been ruling this country since independence, is it not Hausa/fulani and the Yorubas. Igboman only rule for less six months and the criminals assaniated him, that is why Murtala muhammed died by the gun also. The evil they committed against the igbos during the civil war, God is visiting them by way Boko haram, Gowon has not seen much, he will see more, How is jos his home town. More evil will befall him. After plundering this country with your incompetiecs, you feel you have the moral and the constitutional right to rule the igboman. Which constitution, is this one that cannot address the fundamental issues besetting this country, Nonsense. Let me tell you whether you like it or not, Nigeria will SURELY BREAK INTO ATLEAST 5 NATIONS.

  7. Tony O., I pitied you ,what do you know and what is the dept of your knowledge about Biafra? You self centered people, where were you when someone who spear headed the war with his inherited resources formed a party and contested as the presidential candidate of that party ,how many of you the Igbo voted for him? You will die agitating for Biafran Nation you can not get it because the People of the South – South will never join you tell me where is the Biafran Nation? You better go and sleep you with your self centered leaders.

  8. The only thing I still don’t believe is some comments of people that claim they are Yorubas, the simple question here they don’t address is, Is Nigeria one country by choice? Yoruba please stop thinking you’re better than the Igbo it won’t help you. The question you Yorubas refuse to ask yourselves is why didn’t Abiola become the presidency he won 1992?. Obasanjo was brought out of prison and made him president because he can be used by those that killed Abiola they have used him before against Yorubas during shagari vs Awolowo 1979. He was made president to placate Yorubas unfortunately Yorubas didn’t vote for him, I personally voted for Obasanjo not because I know him but I voted for him because I was thinking that for Abacha to put him in prison he must have learn his lessens, I was hoping he will change and dismantle the system that actually put him in prison because Abacha alone was responsible for his incarceration but a very bad system which has been holding and is still holding and will continue to hold Nigeria down from progressing till the end of all mighty Nigeria unless changed. But my hope on Obasanjo was dashed because he was afraid to challenge the forces that jailed almost killed him instead he was busy making few billioneers in the western part of the country I love that but he was the only the president well positioned to bring back true federalism. What is that system? unitary system of government if true federalism is not adopted in Nigeria soon Nigeria will break into pieces there’s nothing anyone can do about it. So my dear Yoruba friends stop calling Igbo people names because they want secede from fraudulent country called Nigeria and I hate it when Igbo person just abuse Yoruba for this same purpose. My simple advice to Igbo people is to ignore those comments claimed to be Yorubas because I know Yorubas as crafty people they are the most sophisticated tribe that is even more desirous of Nigeria breakup but they don’t want that ambition of theirs known. Their leaders know what they are doing. Therefore, since the powers that be doesn’t want to change Nigeria for progress, I will advice the entire eastern Nigeria to continue their peaceful agitation for freedom and ignore those who prefer to remain slaves because they think few billions is entering few people’s banks from their region. We must achieve freedom the world is watching Nigeria more than we are even watching ourselves. God bless Biafra and God will also bless those who will remain as Nigerians. Thank you

  9. It is a pity that some few disillusioned individuals calling themselves biafrans refuse to let us rest. I bet if they conduct a referendum in the so called iboland they would be disappointed on how they would lose.
    They should hear and hear clearly, that if they want to go, they should go fast and I bet no body would miss them. It is good riddance to bad rubbish. Wishing them all the best of luck. They are very free to take Fayose with them. That is, if he is lucky enough that we did not drive him out to follow them.

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