Buhari has surrendered Nigeria to Niger Delta militants – Governor Fayose

The Ekiti State Governor, Ayodele Fayose, has urged President Mohammadu Buhari to dialogue with the Niger Delta Militants, especially the Niger Delta Avengers, so as to end hostilities in the oil rich region and save Nigeria’s economy from imminent collapse.

Governor Fayose said President Buhari’s failure to attend the flag-off of the Clean-Up Ogoni project on Thursday because of threat from the Niger Delta militants was a demonstration that the President had surrendered to the superior powers of the militants.

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It should be recalled that the NDA had warned President Buhari to stay away from the Niger Delta region if he desired to live.‎

According to a statement issued by his Special Assistant on Public Communications and New Media, Lere Olayinka, Governor Fayose said it was shameful and embarrassing that President Buhari, a retired Military General, could succumb to threat from militants despite telling Nigerians that he was going to lead from the fronts.

Governor Fayose, who wondered why the President was not always interested in visiting States in the country as against his penchant for overseas trips, added that it was time that Buhari stopped acting like a foreign president.

He said it was obvious that the President’s approach to civil unrests of any kind under the government was causing more security problems in the country, adding: “The President cannot afford to continue to talk tough on issues that dialogue can resolve.

“Now that the President has surrendered to the threat and intimidation of the Niger Delta Avengers, he should emulate late President Umaru Musa Yar’Adua by having a roundtable talks with the Niger Delta Militants.

“By not going to Ogoni today, because of threat from the NDA, our president has shown that he is actually afraid of the militants and the best thing to do in a situation like this is to dialogue with the militants so as to save Nigeria economy from imminent collapse.

“It also shows that the President’s ability to secure Nigeria and its people is suspect because if the President could succumb to threat from militants and abandon his official function for his deputy, ordinary Nigerians should seek help elsewhere.

“The President should therefore save Nigeria the agony of military misadventure in the Niger Delta by holding dialogue with the militants with a view to resolving their grievances.”

Fayose also reiterated that “the Niger Delta region as at today is still the golden goose laying the golden egg on which all other regions are surviving”, adding: “Diversification as good as it sounds, takes time. We need to appreciate these regions as our only source of income.”



  1. You are meant to be ignored! I sometimes believe those who seek your views on national issues are on your payroll. It’s embarrassing!!

  2. Fayose! Why don’t your former president “GEJ” visit even the troops in Borno?, is shame that u can’t put ur house in order hence Urr advising ur next door neighbour to put his house in order. We will never take any word coming from ur mouth serious again, cos even your acting national chairman said it all via newspaper report. Your a fool

  3. This neurotic problem disturbing this guy is now turning psychotic. A governor who cannot pay staff salaries, who placed the lives of valuable medical doctors to preventable risk and avoidable deaths, is here vituperating nonsense.

    What a shame. What a sham, what a pitiable state enduring a decorated lunatic in office

  4. A mad man who will not face the problems that is facing him but Buhari and is that Buhari that will kill eventually.

  5. Fayose really hit nail on the head in this circumstance. He spoke naked truth, sentiment apart. Why was our president making promise to visit and later changed his mind? It is a show of cowardice. As a retired general, simply because of the threat he should have been there to let people believed he can go to anywhere in Nigeria.

    • Always look before you leap. It seems that u Wale is never a student of history. Did you know how many wars buhari has fought. Did you know a 4star General is not a fluke? Check your brain, it seems some nuts are loosened already. U are like ur brother Fayose. Is it the Avengers too that made him shelved his Senegal trip. U are a dunce. Ode, didirinndaro. Imbecile. You and ur brother Fayose should keep quiet if u don’t have any tangible thing to say.

  6. Wiseman got it all. He has used the right language to the person of Fayose. I believe IFA Oracle is somehow annoyed with Fayose, judging from the way he talk full blast like a leaking silenser.

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