Buhari’s boycott of Ogoni not a sign of cowardice, says Agbaje

A Lagos-based constitutional lawyer, Fred Agbaje, on Thursday said President Muhammadu Buhari’s boycott of his trip to Rivers state for the much-publicised Ogoni Clean-Up exercise is not a sign of cowardice.

Agbaje said the president must have acted on security advice not to attend the exercise.

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“No President of any country can act without any security advice. If the security advice is not okay or negatively permissive of the president’s journey, then the best thing is to call it off. So, I don’t believe it is a sign of cowardice, but rather a submission to security advice”.

“It is better to heed the advice and stay away instead of going there to cause unnecessary tension. Those boys are heavily armed” he said.



  1. “I think the president is in order. He knows the consequence, in the event of anything happening to him, on the Niger Delta. Surely, you can’t expect him to leave such a burden of guilt on his family if the rascals should carry out an act, the consequences of which they do not know.

  2. If the President was hurt, It is better imagined the dire consequences for the country. Thank you Mr. President for preventing such an unimaginable bloodletting. It shall be well with Nigeria in Jesus name.

  3. It is not for the sake of the life of Mr. President, the state security are full armed, if lives are lost and the president return safe, people (including the international commentators) would insinuate it to be wickedness and the tension would increase…..we have better things to do in Nigeria than answer to fools.

    At least, the work has been done and no wahala in the end.
    Bihari has more better things to do with his time and presence than to ‘get into the mud with pigs’.

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