Couple Caught on Camera Having S*x by the Road in Broad Daylight (Photos)

A couple has shocked passersby in a city centre after they were caught having sex in public and right in the full view of everyone.

public sex1

public sex
The couple were photographed having s*x in full view of passersby in the middle of a busy city centre.

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They were spotted getting frisky in the sunshine next to the river as school children walked by.

The Irish Mirror reported a witness to the rude scene was walking down Albert Quay off the city’s River Lee and was so shocked he called a local radio station, Red FM, to recount the bizarre scene.

A woman named Veronica who clocked the amorous pair said she’d never seen anything like it before, and struggled to finish her lunch.

Speaking on the Neil Prendeville show, Veronica said: “I witnessed a couple having sex at 2.45pm on Tuesday across from Albert Quay.

“There was children passing going home from school, walking right by them. Myself and my friend were sitting down on the riverbank having lunch before we went back to work.

“We looked over towards the Section Bar and saw two people. It was awful. There was tourists buses going past. It’s a very busy area. Cars were streaming by.They kept going for half an hour.”

The radio host later tweeted out the baffling picture.


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