Niger Delta Militants Attacks NNPC Boat,Kills 6

Niger Delta militants have attacked a boat belonging to NNPC in the Warri area of Delta state, killing at least six persons. The army in a statement on Thursday said four civilians, two soldiers were killed.


“During the deliberate attack two soldiers were killed, one wounded, one soldier missing while four civilian staff attached to the house boat were shot dead,” the army said in a statement.

The attack took place on Wednesday in the Warri area, where militants have staged a series of attacks on oil pipelines in recent weeks.

It was not clear whether the attack was carried out by Niger Delta Avengers.



  1. I hope Osinbajo (Osunbade or Osifo?) is already back at Abuja? Nobody go wan go do “clean up” come enter wahala. May God continue to protect the man as they continue to send him to the war front to represent army General! A spare tyre that is being called upon when the original tyre has no problem as yet. God dey!

  2. Any kind of attacks on the Militants or the Avengers on the soil of Niger Delta would be consider attacks on the whole South South.

  3. This is too bad…o. All those killed are not the course of Nigerian problem,innocent people striving to fend for their families. I can’t imagine telling a child that daddy went to work and didn’t return. Plz stop the killing. Nigeria gov’t should always be open to negotiation to know the plight of the people cos many thing er not really right.

  4. It’s sad that our fellow country men are dying like chicken and nobody is doing anything about it. Soldiers have been killing armless IPOB members since last year and no one is querying the gov’t on it. Innocent blood are crying on the soil of Nigeria and right now it just sounds like foolishness saying “God bless Nigeria”

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