Nigerians eat poison daily, says Ogbeh

Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Chief Audu Ogbeh on Thursday in Abuja disclosed that Nigerians eat poisonous food on daily in the process of feeding.

The Minister made the disclosure yesterday at a one day Public Hearing on Food security bills organized by the Senate Committee on Agriculture and Rural Development.

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Stating this at a one day Public Hearing on Food security bills organized by the Senate Committee on Agriculture and Rural Development, he noted that there was wrong processing of food which makes it unhealthy for consumption.

He specifically gave example of ‘moi moi’ prepared in cellophane, locally known as nylon, as poisonous, which according to him, contained a large dosage of dioxins that were naturally impotent in leaves when used to package the delicacy.

The Minister also explained that consumption of sachet (pure) water exposed to sun at over 28degree centigrade is poisonous which is resulting into many cases of kidney and liver failure, amongst Nigerians.

He added that “if not for our practice of over boiling meat, many Nigerians would have been infected by Tuberculosis from consumption of cow meat.”

“Many of the cows being moved from one place to the other by herdsmen are already infected with tuberculosis but our practice of boiling meat very well here has been the saving grace from people being infected with the deadly disease”, he said.

Smuggled frozen chicken preserved with formalin which is also used for preservation of dead bodies, according to the minister, had been potent poison being consumed by Nigerians with attendant serious health challenges in the land.



  1. Why take this minister serious. We all saw what Adesina did when he was in the same office. No policy contribution, all he does is to lecture people with unconfirmed, invalidated science. Pathological liar!!

  2. Mr minister, if you no fit give us food, abeg allow us dey chop wetin we know. OK, as there is no tomato now, we should not buy tin tomato because na poison? Leave us alone o jare

  3. Enough of lamentations, Baba Audu Ogbe present your blueprint on encouraging Nigerian youth to take up farming. One year is already gone out of four, all we hear are sermons on what the problems are and no step taking yet to start doing the needful. Revolutionise agriculture as a step to deemphasise dependence on oil. Time is running out!

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