Nigerians will beg APC to stay on in 2019, says Momoh

Former minister of Information, and erstwhile National Chairman of the defunct Congress for Progressive Change, CPC, Prince Tony Momoh has declared that within a year or two, Nigerians will be celebrating the Buhari-led administration, adding that by 2019, APC will be begged to continue to lead the country.

Momoh was speaking in an interview with the Newsmen on Thursday.

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He said, “If you see what has happened, what Buhari said he will do, he will fight corruption, he will create jobs, he will face agriculture and of course, he will fight insurgency.”

He said the President was a very predictable person, adding that the country was safe under his watch.

He added, “He will secure this country. He will do anything to secure this country. In other words, he will fight insurgency, he will fight hostage taking, he will fight armed robbery; he will fight anybody who wants to undermine Nigeria’s economy.”

“He will even fight those cattle rustlers and other people who are undermining other communities by destroying their hosts.”

Momoh noted that only a secured country will be making development plan, adding that stabilizing the country through infrastructural development had been difficult due to multiple security issues.



  1. yesooooo,APC will come back again maybe to make 1$:1000 and make fuel 300per litre as well as using old fashion and low mentality to fighting corruption

  2. Nigeria will be great again under APC, is just a matter of time. People should stop being in a hurry too much, APC is building a solid foundation that will put smiles and faces of Nigerians again. Let’s stop d hatred and tribalism.

  3. Oga mumu abi na Momoh sef, if u and ur entire family like suffering and hardship, we other Nigerians nor like am at all. How can say Nigerians will beg APC to stay with what is happening? Maybe Una want to tell us say na GEJ na distract Una, so make we give Una second chance but mark my words, such second chance will be doomed.

  4. there’s something i like about this BUHARI/APC issue, when gej was in power fuel was @ #97 a bag of rice was #8000 dollar was #180 and it doesn’t matter weather you are APC or PDP today a bag of rice is #17000 dollar is #320 fuel #145 tomatoes #1500 per measure and whenever you want to buy all this no one will ask you weather you are APC or PDP SOUTH or NORTH CHRISTIAN OR MUSLIM we fail to ask our leaders questions we fail to hold them with their promises

  5. This prognostication depends on what Apc governors do in their states.As it were only Buhari and Osinbajo are working and carrying the burden of the whole nation.
    There is paucity or vacuity of cerebral engagement at the state level.
    How can Nigerians beg people who cannot pay salaries to come back.Most of them are threats to Buhari’s change initiative.

  6. Prince Momoh is obviously one of the most discerning folks around
    Many doubters will soon definitely start to sing a different tune on seeing the wonderful turnaround in Nigeria’s fortune that Buhari’s government is set to pull off

  7. I think we should be grateful for the government God has given Nigeria. With the kind of looting that was carried out by the last government, what first came to my memory was the state Egypt was to be if not for Joseph’s intervention. The country would have been worse if the looting had continued. We should pray for the government God has given Nigeria.

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