Family and Friends Panic as Abuja Business Woman Mysteriously Disappears Without Trace

Panic has taken over the family of a beautiful business woman in Abuja who went missing without trace in the nation’s capital.


Charity Aiyedogbon, an Abuja-based business woman, went missing from her Gwarinpa home about a month ago. Since then no one has heared from her and now, family and friends have become more frantic as no clues have yet to come up on what happened to the mother of four.

Charity, who is said to be separated from her husband, David, literally vanished without a trace on May 11, as her phone numbers have also remained switched off. The missing woman posted regularly on her Facebook page under the name Deepdeal Chacha DeHammer until May 11, when she posted a photo of herself sitting in a vehicle with the words: “Road trip” at 9.11am.

She has since disappeared as her friends fear she might have been abducted. Friends, who have since mounted a social media campaign to locate the missing woman, said when they got into her apartment, there was no indication that she was going on any road trip.

It was learnt that after two weeks of going off the radar, her friends visited her apartment and were able to gain access into it in company with her landlady and some security personnel.

In a post by her friends, it was noted that there was no indication that she was going on a road trip as she had no bag packed and every item in her apartment remained unruffled.

In addition to that, it was noted that she had a pot of soup on her cooker, which had turned bad after being left for long.

Her friends said that she had previously received some threats from certain undisclosed individuals, which prompted her to contract a technician to install CCTV in her apartment.

It was learnt that attempts had been made to retrieve her call logs, which indicated that the last call from her phone was made on May 9, to a number registered to an individual named Rabi Mohammed. The last received call from another number showed the same date.

The police at the Gwarimpa Police Division, where the case was reported, have made little headway in determining what could have happened to the woman.

But the spokesperson for the Federal Capital Territory Police Command, Mr. Anjuguri Manzah, said efforts were ongoing to find out the whereabouts of the missing woman.



  1. Nothing mentioned about her children or anybody staying with her. Is she staying alone? A mother of four even if divorce should have one or two people staying with her. Is she living a clean life? These are some of the questions that should be look into in order to have trace of he

  2. That is life. May be she has a skeleton. I use what I have to get what I want, is common among Nigerian young ladies nowadays.

  3. Ritual killers everywhere in the zoo especially these uncircumcised Philistines that wants to be in the same country with their mgbati mgbati counterparts

  4. Henry, I’m with you. How can she be staying alone? What’s her kind of business? Why did she divorce? Nonetheless, I pray nothing happens to her.
    Can the Administrator please block comments coming from this nincompoop Kas?
    I made comments here because of like minds I met here. People like Kas will make you lose patronage

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