Labour backs Ekiti and Ondo workers strike

The Joint National Public Service Negotiation Council (Trade Union Side) has said it is solidly behind workers in Ondo and Ekiti states over the ongoing strike by the workers over unpaid salaries.

The Council said the main contention that ignited the strike actions were failure of the government’s of the two states to pay monthly salaries of their workers for the past five months.

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According to a statement signed by the national chairman of JNPSNC, Comrade Kiri Mohammed Shuaibu the workers have endured enough since they have no other source of income to sustain their families.

According to Kiri, the Joint Council condemns in its totality the failure of these two states governments to live up to expectation in fulfilling their contractual obligations of paying workers salaries at the end of each month, saying “every labourer is worth his wage”

He urged the governments of both states to urgently enter into negotiations with labour with a view to finding amicable solutions to the impasse to forestall further unpleasant consequences that will lead to a total shutdown of the economies of the two states.

He said, “industrial peace is paramount throughout the country this point in time to support the present administration in its unwavering commitment to revive the economy of this great nation currently in shambles.

Council will resist any attempt by any state government sacrificing workers salaries in consideration of selfish interests.”



  1. Yes, those two governor-pretenders should really be seen for who they are,PRETENDERS and be dealt with accordingly!

  2. I will appreciate it if u are objective in ur comment Ed….I won’t want to belief u spoke in other to just fill gaps rather than looking more to what the real truth is….permit me to speak for ONDO state government where I hail from….I salute the workers for enduring this long.its not easy at all..but I will also say olusegun mimiko was never a pretender before and even now….you all will agree with me that its not only in these two states, government find it difficult to pay their workers salaries….i can sight as many as possible states who can’t do this…. the issue of workers welfare has been given utmost attention since the inception of governor olusegun mimiko in the year 2009.let me take u down the memory Lane…. back then when the economy of this nation was booming ONDO state government initiated a 13month salary annually for her workers….this was d initiative of the governor .it was not that its the workers right to get another month which they did not work for despite December incentives given…any government has the responsibility of paying 12months with subventions and nothing more if u will agree with me… was when the set back in economy started that he at a time struggled to pay 50% of that 13months. later when things got worse he could no longer pay again….are u aware despite the non availability of much resources in the state covers ondo state government is not owing her workers the 2015 leave bonus? this is what many state governors would as negotiated with the salary. this is the only state that implemented the highest minimum wage in the history this Nation…. make ur findings…the only state its doctors did not go on strike back then when there a nation wide strike action embacked by the doctors…reasons being that even its yet to be implementee at the nation ondo doctors have theirs implemented already…ondo state minimum wage is higher than that paid in other states of the federation ….quote me anywhere ondo state has the highest number of working force in the whole of Nigeria and yet no form of retrenchment make despite economy changes…the records are there..I know u will want to ask me is ONDO state not an oil producing state? yes we are but u will agree with me that allocation is being shared on the basis of the number of local government we have and not by ur mineral resources asides the 13% crude oil derivation …if a state like bayelsa wil cut down payment of her workers salary by 50% then you be able to know things are not well with the monthly allocation gotten on a monthly basis….a reason why we should all keep clamouring for true federalism. oyekan adedeji is the name ….awaiting a counter motion on the above submissions

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