President Buhari is not feeling well, contract infections – Premium Times reports

According to Premium Times, it exclusively reporting that President Buhari is ill and is being treated at the presidential villa. See Excerpts:


“The president has an infection in his left ear, otherwise called Meniere Disease, a challenge which has drastically reduced his outings in the last one week. As a result of the infection, the president now suffers hearing impairment and routinely complains of severe pains and unusual sounds from that ear, those familiar with his condition told Premium Times.

Mr. Buhari, who clocked 73 last December, was said to have confirmed it to some dignitaries who visited him in the past days, explaining to some of them that that was why he was unable to visit Lagos and Rivers as scheduled. He was also said to have told some of his guests that he was struggling to give his failing health a major attention. He is currently being treated by his personal physician and other experts from the State House Clinic, our sources said.

An official said the president might seek treatment abroad if his condition does not improve in the next few days. Despite hearing difficulty, the president, our sources said, managed to attend Jumaat service and host some important visitors, including former Presidents Olusegun Obasanjo and Goodluck Jonathan as well as some clergymen on Friday. Presidential spokespersons could not be reached to comment for this story on Friday night. While calls to the Special Adviser on Media and Publicity, Femi Adesina, failed to go through, Garba Shehu, the senior special assistant on media and publicity did not answer or return calls.



  1. You shall not die but Live. So that you can continue working for the Lord in Nigeria. You are the chosen one to lead us

  2. No wonder the man no dey hear word. Stop traveling around the Globe, he won’t hear. we never knew we were talking to a deaf man. Anyways, get well soon

  3. LOL.. not surprised. Biafrans and enemies of the nation are on ground always expecting negative news from and around the Presidency. God is watching you!

  4. Noted. Buhari get well soon, even though I don’t like some of your actions. There are lots of cases hanging on your neck you need to answer to such as in ICC, ECOWAS court, etc.

  5. Regardless of how you feel about his politics and stance on issues, remember PMB is as human as each and everyone of us, he is a father, grand father and husband. The least we can do is wish him good health, ill health could befall any of us or our loved ones tomorrow. Peace!

  6. I agree with you Edoboy the president is not a super human we all sick one time or the other as long as we are in this sick world we all sick and get well so I wish my president quick recovery.

  7. The blood of the slained innocent Biafrans are singing over his ears. The pope said that this is the time when the Biafran oppressors must be oppressed. Law of karma

  8. Afolabi, the man do not recognize Jesus as the Saviour. Please save your prayer for another person. His is a Muslim. Get well O in the name of God Almight Allah! Work plenty for your hand, and make you no come fulfill some people prophecies O, we beg O!

  9. The President hearing impairment is just a minor problem that could just happen to anyone. I think we all need to wish our president well. Nigerian may not know the value of this man at this moment that is crucial to our national survival.
    This is one president who never pretends about anything. He tells us the truth about our stand as a Nation. Lets pray for his quick recovery.

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