APC will apologize to Nigerians in 2019 – PDP chieftain

A Delta State Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Chieftain, Chief Sunny Onuesoke, has predicted that the party will not only win the 2019 general election, but will also mock All Progressives Congress (APC) for severe hardship Nigerians would have gone through.


Reacting to the statement of an APC Chieftain who said “Nigeria will beg Buhari to come back in 2019”, Onuesoke told newsmen in Abuja that it was clear that the current administration was dubious.

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“APC would rather apologise to Nigerians and PDP for putting Nigerians in the present hardship,” he said.

“What is happening in the country is a testimony that APC does not have anything to provide for betterment of the life of the people.

“PDP will win the Presidency in 2019 and return Nigeria back to past glory which they have benefitted from the party in term of adherence to rule of law, low inflation rate, provision of power, low exchange rate, cheap fuel, provision of cheap food and other comfort of life which are presently lacking.

“The truth is that people are suffering a lot of hardship now but this was not the promise.

The campaign promise was to bring down the cost of fuel, create jobs, Naira to be at par with dollar, provide electricity and other social which have presently become illusive,” Onuesoke added.



  1. PDP’s demise is already here, even with the money you people stole you can’t win the heart of Nigerians. The dirty job you guys did had already surfaced.

  2. Which PDP faction is thinking of coming to power in 2019 ? With the looting revelations we have had so far, only a shameless person will call himself a PDP member and stand before Nigerians to canvas for votes. What will happen to him will be unimaginable.

  3. PDP may your soul rest in peace.Looters and thieves.God will never allow you in power again.See the money recovered from PDP members?God will punish all of you.

  4. Chief, you are day dreaming
    Isn’t it your party that created the problems the APC is confronting now? Nigerians would be something else to vote for a party that stole their common wealth.

  5. See him mouth, pdp ko! Opc Ni! You and supporters should continue dreaming. Even if apc no win 2019, buhari would have put this country back on track. Rest assured pdp and all his members plus those hiding in apc that ruined our economy will be dead by God’s grace.

  6. The only perceivable apology would emanate from Buhari’s likely decision to grant amnesty to president Jonathan and other Pdp looters.

  7. PDP is speaking from the grave. Looters, thieves, criminals not again that chief has not stolen is own he want to come in 2019 to chop his own.

  8. Haba! Is your brain in your mouth? Lets wait till den. Nobody knows wat will happen tomoro save for God. Where is keshi, where is Ali, nd host of odas dat just translated. I really dont know if PDPtink Nigerians are fools. Gone are those days joor. APC will by the grace of God perform wonderfully nd if God permits, APC will win again and again. My prayer is for long life for me and my loved ones so we can witness a New Transformed Nigeria under d Auspices of APC.. The keyword is PATIENCE. Up Nigeria, Up APC

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