Buhari urged to grow economy by creating jobs through agriculture, manufacturing

Professor Ibrahim Gambari, the former Under-Secretary to United Nations,has called on President Muhammadu Buhari to take urgent steps in overcoming grinding poverty, by growing the economy through job creation


He stated that the issue of poverty can be eradicated by reviving and creating jobs through manufacturing and agriculture.

Professor Gambari made the call while presenting his address as the Chancellor of the Kwara State University during the 4th convocation ceremony of the university, where he also called for positive attitudinal change among Nigerians.

He added that for agenda of change to be sustained, it cannot depend on one person but must involve a collective endeavour to open a new chapter in national life.

Also the Executive Secretary National University Commission, Professor Julius Okojie Eho who was represented called on universities to adopt creative funding mechanism for alternative diversified revenues, to meet challenges arising from declining public funding.

He also stressed the need for new universities to be established which will be based on merit in accordance with global best practices and quality assurance.

Meanwhile the Kwara State Governor represented by his deputy, Peter Kishira explained that for quality education to be achieved and sustained, stakeholders must rise to the challenges facing the sector by breaking away from the theoretical and defer to the practical.

He advocated the need for job creation to help eradicate poverty and provide quality education by government at all levels, which will go a long way in reviving the economy.



  1. Why are u talking too much on agriculture. Everyone cannot go into agriculture as Igbos prefer to do more lucrative business while the hausas can be in the farm. Importation is what we know how to do and you know it….

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