Governor Fayose joins workers, embarks on indefinite strike

Ayodele Fayose, Ekiti State Governor has embarked on indefinite strike in solidarity with workers of the state civil service, who have been on strike for about 12 days.

Ayodele-Fayose (2)

Fayose said the solidarity strike became expedient to show concerns with the workers, who have not received salaries in the last five months.

The governor made the declaration in Ado Ekiti at the weekend in a televised broadcast.

However, to calm frayed nerves, Fayose said he had paid the January salaries of local council workers, primary school teachers and subventions to tertiary institutions in the state.

The workers, under the auspices of Nigerian Labour Congress (NLC), Trade Union Congress (TUC) and Joint Negotiation Council (JNC), had last week Wednesday called out workers for indefinite strike, alleging that the governor wasn’t responding positively to their yearnings.

But Fayose in the broadcast declared solidarity with the workers to confirm that he shared their pains and anguish caused by inability to pay salary.

The governor was explicit that what he has been declaring as amount accruing to the state as Internally Generated Revenue (IGR) and the N2.6b workers’ wage bill were true positions of the state finances.

“I want to tell workers that I have placed myself on indefinite strike in solidarity with you. I share your pains, but it was rather unfortunate that a man can’t give what he doesn’t have,” he said.



  1. I do agree with anything Fayose does but striking with teacher is not it. He should find a way to ensure workers are paid promptly. Introduce taxes , so long they are judiciously spent. Tax radio, TV owners, State government should collect levies from transporters and among others. NURTW collections should be restricted to only annual membership collection. A lot government resources go into wrong hands.

  2. Can’t someone help me ask Mr Awaiting VICE PRESIDENT who he is fooling, can a seating Governor go on strike?…. Yeah dey smell from a Talking machine governor of the year.

  3. Fayose is simply a big joke,a palace clown
    This is what a people get when they decide to vote in a mere hooligan as governor

  4. Go and consult Tinubu for ideas on how to generate fund to run a state.
    Lagos state government was denied federal allocation for 4yrs and the then governor Tinubu was able to raised more than enough revenue and also implemented various projects. Yes Ekiti is tiny when compare to Lagos but they have got massive productive land, Ekiti has one of the highest number professors in Naija. Call your technocrats, sit with them, solve problems and export solutions and skills to other Nigeria state and neighbouring countries instead of sitting around the market women and illiterate only and drinking ogogoro.

  5. Workers strike in Ekiti and ondo is politically motivated. PDP vs APC.
    APC is portraying PDP govs in bad light in order to sweep the south west in the next election. It also has religious undertone, Christian govs vs Muslim govs

  6. @Chukwiemeka , was it the APC that made him not to pay salaries to the striking workers? Let us be objective in our response to issues. Mr Governor should put his pride behind him, and get in touch with knowledgeable people who will give him a clue on how to generate funds internally,to meet his commitments.

  7. @Chukwuemeka are you for real? Why do we have to politicised everything?
    Ekiti state is struggling financially today because the leadership has not idea on how to generate fund internally if no allocation from FG. Remember no much revenue from oil again!!
    Ekiti state is not the only poor state in Nigeria. But every state in Nigeria is now reaching out to investors, both locally and abroad. The state leadership must reach out to their friends, business partner, sons & daughter of the state and encourage people to bring industries to their state… That way they will generate revenue and create jobs. Fayose should go and settle down to govern rather than going to market everyday to rally for 2019 second term. Go and do your research very well in Nigeria history, no state has ever do well in opposition apart from Lagos state.

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