I Live Fashion, Eat Fashion, I Am A Fashionista- Toke Makinwa

Toke Makinwa in an interview with The Nation has said she is a Fashionista and not shy to admit that. She says her life is all about fashion and she lives and eats it. Enjoy!

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You are a woman of many parts. Where do you draw your inspiration from?

God. Prayer has been what has been able to give me balance in this industry.

When you go on red carpet and all eyes are on you, how do you feel?

I don’t see every eyes, I just see where I am going. I feel it is humbling that people see a skirt or top on you that they love and want to wear same. I love fashion, I breathe fashion and I eat fashion. If the public see that I am fashionable I would say thank you for that. I’m not the type that shies away from the camera or back down on a challenge and that’s why the Nigerian viewers love me.

Do you have a stylist who picks out your clothes and accessories for social events?

I have a couple of stylists actually and I have become friends with a number of Nigerian designers as well. It’s okay to have a stylist but I would advice everyone to have a personal relationship with designers too. I’d have to give it to them, Nigerian designers work really hard but sometimes the stylist who puts clothes together gets more recognition than the designer. I use Tianah’s Place, Lucy Love, Bolaji Animashaun and the designers that over the years I’ve become good friends with- April by Kunbi, I really love her; Phunk Afrique, Moofa.

It seems you love to always attend events. Why?

Attending events is part of work as well. I do get paid to attend some events. When you grow a brand and it becomes a solid brand, people will want to associate with that and if they have some products or services that they have that would align with your brand; they invite you to be part of it. Just like people feel like your been at certain events might also add some glamour to it. I see it as work as well. I really don’t go out like that, in terms of having fun or chilling at home. I think I enjoy the fact that it’s a job and I am getting paid for it. I am the life of a party and that hasn’t changed. I love talking, I love to go out to listen to music and have a good time.



  1. Fashionistas are so dumb when it comes to education. They sleep with lecturers for marks. Some can hadly spell their own names correctly. They can’t do without sugar daddies just sustain their fashionable lifestyle

  2. Fashionistas are so dumb when it comes to education. They sleep with lecturers for marks. Some can hadly spell their own names correctly. They can’t do without sugar daddies just to sustain their fashionable lifestyle. They’ re always broke despite the monies from the so called sugar daddies.marriage is the last thing that crosses their minds untill when it’s too late.
    They jump from one man to another just for chicken change. Their biggest investment is to buy a small car to form big girls for some gullible fellows.
    A good number of them got no bank accounts bcos they spend even before they earn. They live above their means and thereby making themselves desperadoes and easily victimized by ritual killers.
    Show me a fashionista and i will show u a woman who’s not a virtuous woman.
    It’s very rare to see a virtuous woman who is a fashionista.
    They believe that a woman would get whatever she wants through her body.
    Their mentality pisses wise men off. They don’t date single guys that are not rich. Rich single guys only approach them for sex because of their attitudes.
    wealthy guys don’t go close to them for marriage but can tolerate them as side chicks

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