Jonathan arrives UK after brief visit to Nigeria

Goodluck Jonathan, former Nigerian President yesterday returned to the United Kingdom after a brief visit to Nigeria. The former president arrived Nigeria on the eve of President Muhammadu Buhari’s scheduled visit to Ogoni in Rivers State, and made way to his Otuoke hometown in Bayelsa State where he was received by friends and well-wishers at the Port Harcourt International Airport.


On Thursday night, he paid a visit to President Buhari at Aso Rock Villa where the two met behind closed-door for about an hour in what was reported to be a meeting about the renewed militancy in the Niger Delta.

Reno Omokri, the former senior special assistant to Jonathan on Social Media, yesterday took to his Twitter handle to reveal that he and his former boss have left the country.

“Just landed London Heathrow with former President @GEJonathan,” Omokri tweeted.

Some believe that Jonathan made the brief home visit to put to an end to speculations that he was on exile. The former president who is respected globally for his democratic credentials, has become a global sought after speaker.

He is now back in the United Kingdom where he is scheduled to give a number of talks and interviews.



  1. Adelove, stop promoting Jonathan. If he is gallivanting round the world, no one cares. He stole some much monies that he is able to do so now- that is buying tickets and travelling. Was he doing so before politics People he left in poverty and penury are suffering at home. Why would he not use the monies on charitable deeds rather that posing to say he is now be sought for to make speeches to repair his already battered image? Who are his followers? There is a saying ‘If you say you are a leader and no one is following you, you are not leading but only taking a walk’.
    I reckon majority of masses are not interested about where he is, where he goes or what he does. Do not make GEJ a news item.

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