Nollywood Actor, Oga Bello poses with his 18 children … See Photo

Veteran actor Adebayo Salami popularly known by his stage name Oga Bello has 2 wives and 18 children. See photo detailed below:

oga bello

See the picture of Oga Bello and his 18 children seated with him below. The 63-year-old actor is one of the oldest acts in Yoruba Nollywood as he has been acting for about 5 decades




  1. This is a shame and wickedness!!Only you with 18 children!!! Your prick no dey rest, anyway some people must have been helping your wife – not all the children must have been yours

    • Guy! Are you a sadist? What’s your problem? I’d seen some of your comments on other matters apart from this. Life surely must be hard for someone like you. You’d better change your negative perspective about life and maybe then, things may start working out for your good.

  2. Well done oga Bello. Well a man wey get pass 3 wives can even give birth to 20 even 24. Ar an average of 6 to 8 children per woman.

  3. Ola you come across as an educated illiterate. Read your post again, and reflect on it. You may see reason to apologise to oga Bello.

  4. U this Ola, lacks manner even if u don’t know what to say, can’t u keep ur dirty mouth shut for once?! I want to agree with Phemy in totality that life must must be treating u badly. Therefore, u’re frustrated which shows in ur comment all the time. A piece of advice, Change ur way of thinking.

  5. Sola, what’s shameless about an African man with his happy big family? For ur information, all oga Bello’s children are educated. For instance, Femi Adebayo is a lawyer by profession apart from his acting career. Moreso, is presently a Special Assistant to the governor of Kwara State and all his siblings are as well doing fantastically well in their chosen careers whilst some of the youngest ones are still in school (Tertiary level) lest i forget, oga Bello himself is educated so what are u talking about?. Pls always endeavor to make ur findings before u jump into conclusion. Good day!

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