Soldiers beat up my mother’s police guards – Ambode

The Lagos State Governor, Mr. Akinwunmi Ambode, on Saturday denied a media report claiming that a kidnap attempt was made on his mother, Mrs. Christianah Ambode, at her residence in Gbagada area of the state on Friday evening.

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The governor, in a statement issued by his Chief Press Secretary, Mr. Habib Aruna, denied the report, saying it was not a true reflection of what transpired at his mother’s residence.

An online newspaper had reported that armed gunmen invaded the governor’s mother’s residence and disarmed the octogenarian’s police detail in an attempt to abduct her.

But in the statement, Aruna said, “Whilst it is true that a commotion occurred at the residence of the governor’s mother on the fateful day, it was however far from the truth that it was a kidnap attempt.

“What really transpired was that a man parked his vehicle in front of the residence of the governor’s mother and the security detail attached to the building asked him not to park there so as not to block the entrance.

“The man, who claimed to be military personnel, was not in uniform as of the time of the unfortunate incident but he insisted on parking in front of the building on the ground that he was military personnel.

“He then went on to invite military personnel attached to Operation MESA to beat Mrs. Ambode’s police details after he was advised not to park his vehicle outside the building.”

“At the moment, officials of the state government are taking appropriate steps to sanction the unruly military personnel who joined their colleague to disturb public peace,” Aruna stated.

Meanwhile, the Lagos State Police Command confirmed the attack on Saturday and said it was working with military authorities to investigate the case and bring the culprits to book.

The state Police Public Relations Officer, Dolapo Badmos, a Superintendent of Police, said, “We gathered that a man in mufti attempted to park his vehicle close to the gate of the governor’s mother’s house and the security men, who were on duty refused, told him to look for another place (to park his car).

“The man came down from his car and started insulting them, which led to a scuffle. The man then went to mobilise some officers, who came in a truck marked ‘OP MESA,’ which suggests they were military men. They then attacked the policemen on duty.

“The Lagos State Police Command and the military are working together to investigate the incident and culprits will be punished.”



  1. Why must the police i pay with my tax be attached to Ambode’s mother? How much tax does she pay? How many policemen are attached to me?

  2. is she a political office holder? We Nigerians patronize evil that is why evil is overtaking us, and some of you commentators are happy that the policemen meant to protect you are assigned to one person that is not as valuable as you. Let every Nigerian be assigned special policemen to guard them.

  3. Send the unruly soldiers to North East, let them go and show their skills against Boko haram. I wonder why soldiers always feel they are above the law, only in Nigeria however.

  4. If the soldiers could beat up the ‘weak’ police guards, its a warning that the kidnappers could do the same easily.
    Ambode, thank God for the safe ‘test-run’ by that military guys before the real ugly possibility could manifest!

  5. I just wonder why some of these soldiers conduct themselves like mere thugs in uniforms refusing bluntly to get civilised and realise that no one is above the law
    It’s so disgraceful that uniformed men and women in Nigeria go about bullying and harassing law abiding citizens with impunity even in this 21st century
    So sad

  6. Ambode’s mother is no ordinary woman please. God has elevated the son and the mum is now suddenly popular. How would you feel if the mother of the Guv is kidnapped? Let’s drop sentiments, every rich man has someone protecting his mum

  7. This soldier in question should be brought to book to serve as a deterrent to others like him. It is in our country that soldiers think that they are above the law. The Amry Headquarters should please put these soldiers that are giving the Force a bad name to check.

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