South African pastor climbs over his church members with his car … more photos

Sometimes i wonder why is the South African govt allowing this to happen? It’s obvious he is endangering people’s lives and need to be stopped if you asked me.

pastor car

pastor car1

pastor car2

pastor car3

It can be recalled that this same Man of God was forcing his Church members to eat grass, eat their clothes and other strange things.

According to reports, the controversial South African pastor, Prophet Penuel, June 3rd asked some of his followers to lie on the ground, he then drove his car over them. This happened at a crusade he organized at the Kameelrivier B stadium hall in South Africa.



  1. Lmfao….. only when I think some Nigerians are worse gullible blind followers of the so called men of God but seeing this kai!
    And wetin the south African government wan do?? Did he force his followers to come worship in his church??? Abegiii keep the government outta this,na only dem waka come the church so if the pastor like make em plock their eyes na dem sabi.

  2. I thought I read somewhere that he was dead? Bitten by a snake and refused to be treated. Biko Ade love, did he resurrect or he has a look alike!!!!

  3. Ha!!!!!!!

    1. The Lord of the Universe is so patient.

    2. The human right activist won’t see this and do something about this abuse of people who have been taken advantaged of in “the Name of God”. The wicked ‘wolf in sheep skin’ even has the audacity to publish his evil stunts!

    please AdeLove use your media influence to not only publish evil like this but report to the right authorities.

  4. i believe they are brainless. He has removed their brains spiritually because a very normal thinking person will not allow himself to be destroyed this way. God forbid bad thing ooooo

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