Buhari lacks capacity to revamp ailing Nigeria’s economy, says Fayose

Ekiti State Governor, Mr. Ayodele Fayose, has said the parlous state of the nation’s economy will continue throughout the tenure of President Muhammadu Buhari, causing the All Progressives Congress (APC)-led government to fail woefully.

Fayose gave this assertion yesterday in his address during the thanksgiving service marking the first anniversary of the fifth assembly of the House of Assembly at the Government House Chapel, Ado-Ekiti.

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Fayose said he decided to go on solidarity strike with the workers in the state when it dawned on him that the federal government had failed and would continue to fail in revamping the nation’s economy.

“I am not a prophet of doom, but I must tell you the truth. It is this economic downturn that will pull down the Buhari-led government. Mark my word.

The economy will improve, but it will be too late in the life of the Buhari-led government. God is angry with the Buhari-led government. It is shedding the blood of too many innocent people.

“Soldiers would enter the home of poor village people and gun them down in cold blood. There is too much of blood-shedding.

Look at what they did to that innocent woman in Kano. I am telling you that God allowed them to get into government so that they would be exposed; so that everyone would see their inability and hypocrisy,” he said.

Earlier, the Speaker of the state assembly, Hon. Kola Oluwawole, in his thanksgiving speech, lauded the goovernor for the support he had been giving the legislative arm of government in the state, noting that the principle of separation of power did not envisage bickering among the arms of government.

“When people say we are Fayose’s boys in the assembly, I just watch them display their ignorance. A journalist once asked me such a question.

I just told him that God will make him a state governor one day, and that when he gets there, he should put his enemies in the assembly.

“Our enemies did not want us to get to the assembly let alone clocking one year in office or getting the assembly to stand. “When you say someone is a rubber stamp, it means that person is a fool or moron.

By all standards, members of the Ekiti State House of Assembly are no fools or morons. We have virtually all professional callings represented in the assembly. Only morons can be rubber stamp.

“Ekiti State House is a divine arrangement. I salute the courage of my colleagues for fostering unity and establishing an assembly that cannot be bought by dollar or pound sterling.

The storm of the G9 lawmakers’ era and subsequent events that we overcame are enough for us to thank God.

“Even the advent of Fayose as governor is a divine arrangement. The coming back of Fayose is for the good of not only Ekiti State, but also the entire nation. Thus, members of the labour movement should, please, realise that their destiny is tied to Fayose. They should retrace their steps and cooperate with him.

“I thank the electorate who put us in office. We will not disappoint you,” Oluwawole said.



  1. Governor fayose; remove the plank of non payment of workers salaries from your eyes before you talk of the sand in president buhari’s eyes.

  2. Mr mr fayose salary infrastructure,u are a doom prophet..why can’t you pay the salary of your state?? Can u tell me that PMB is owin fed workers? Yes the economy is down everybody knows.. Pls settle your before focusing on buhari..dom prophet

  3. Idiot Fayose, yam head, shut up your mouth and do your own job, gobina, and take care of your own state. Thief. Liar. Asshole.

  4. Why don’t somebody shut this ‘OMO IJEJA’ mouth. This one is definitely not fit to be a governor. A stupid ‘OMO IJEKA’ man who don’t know how to keep his dirty mouth shut must be taught a lesson. Instead of this man to face and a way to solve his problem of paying his workers he keeps putting his dirty mouth in everything. Let him tell us what he did with the money given him because it was rumoured that he and his wife went to Saudi Arabia after the allocating was given to him. Definitely, nemesis will soon catch up with ‘OMO IJEKA’ man.

  5. Loud mouthed and uncultured playboy. Fayose face governance, pay your state workers their salaries, and bury your head in shame.

  6. If small brain-big smelly mouth Ayodele Peter Fayose says that PMB who is still paying his workers(federal civil servants) is incapable of revamping the ailing Nigerian economy, I wonder what can be said of himself who cannot even pay his few civil servants in Ekiti state, something as basic as that and if that is not enough evidence of incompetency and cluelessness, I don’t know what else. Fayose should apologize to the people of Ekiti state for deceiving them that he can lead them and then resign

  7. Mr. Governor Sir, please remove the beam in your eye first so that you can see clearly to remove the beam in your brother’s eye.If your state economy is in order go a head and pay your workers and stop waiting for allocation from Abuja besides the money from the oil has dropped so try and work hard and build the economy of your state.

  8. This popular Igbo saying. “Those whom the gods will destroy, they first make mad.” It is not in my tradition to join issues with anybody. But I guess Fasoye is seriously over-stepping his boundaries! He comes across as a demagogue. And he will pay for his misdemeanor. It is just a matter of time. How on earth can he continue to abuse Buhari when he himself has no solutions to the problem confronting him at home? Must states even rely on the federal government to survive? If people craved and agitated for having their own states, shouldn’t they device means of sustaining it? Yes, the central government has its role to play. But must state governments depend heavily on the federal government when it is now obvious that the previous administrations, including the one in which Fasoye served, have purloined the nation? I feel Fasoye should be warned if only to save him from the impending destructions coming his way. And for the Ekiti people, with whom I identify, I can only wish them well for their lack of discernment and gratifying tendencies, which will now lead them nowhere!

  9. Na your noise dey make PMB to go deaf.
    Take am easy on him. U know he surround himself with old ‘chicagos’ dat has no solution. PMB will perform. Take am easy o!

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