Buhari proceeds a 10-day leave in UK, to treat ear infection

Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari will commence a 10-day leave from Monday. The President will spend the leave in London, where he is expected to treat what was described as a persistent ear infection.


A statement on Sunday by presidential spokesman, Femi Adesina, confirmed the development on Sunday. The statement reads in full: “President Muhammadu Buhari will take 10 days off and travel to London on Monday June 6 to rest.

“During the holiday, he will see an E.N.T. specialist for a persistent ear infection. The President was examined by his Personal Physician and an E.N.T Specialist in Abuja and was treated. “Both Nigerian doctors recommended further evaluation purely as a precaution.”



  1. And this man is trying to save Nigeria money. After all the money budgeted for Aso rock hospital, so there is no M.D within Nigeria to treat Buhari. Wow. Interesting! Naija!

  2. This is very Hypocritical. He doesn’t people to be treated abroad but just ear infection is flying to the UK. He doesn’t want his Ministers to fly First Class but his Children are while he uses private Jet. May God deliver him from his trouble and return safe to Nigeria.

  3. @kingsley, wise comment.
    Ordinary ear problem and he’s running to UK. Where’s the change u promised the south west? Biafrans were never interested in ur touted change

  4. May he return safely to continue his work, if I may advice PMB, let him bring his doctor down to nigeria and pay him for life to take care of him since there is no qualified doctor in nigeria to do the needful

  5. Perhaps, nobody remembered that His Excellency, our VP carry adequate annointing from God to heal the persistent ear infection!

  6. I know a couple of ENT surgeons in Nigeria that can handle that situation,or better still ,fly in those consultants from the UK who this doctors in Nigeria can learn from if he believes the treatment can’t be done in Nigeria..those Nigerian doctors will learn from them.
    this will save cost n our doctors will become more competent. he should also equip our hospitals n send our health team on more international trainings
    May God heal him…Amen

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