I fought corruption by making money unavailable for people to touch – Goodluck Jonathan

The immediate past President, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan has observed that there have been corrupt practices in the country since Independence, but stressed that his administration did very well to curtail it.

Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan speaks to the media on the situation in Chibok and the success of the World Economic Forum in Abuja May 9, 2014. Jonathan said on Friday he believes 200 schoolgirls abducted by Islamist insurgents last month are still in his country and have not been moved to Cameroon. REUTERS/Afolabi Sotunde (NIGERIA - Tags: POLITICS CIVIL UNREST CRIME LAW BUSINESS)

Speaking in an interview with Bloomberg , the former president averred that, “I cannot say that the country since the beginning of our Independence, that there was no corruption. Yes, there has been corruption.”

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Jonathan continued, “I did very well also to curtail corruption. My approach to corruption was: don’t make money available for anybody to touch.

“We made sure that the area of fertilizer subsidies was cleaned up. The whole corruption there was removed.

I wanted to do the same thing in the oil sector but the very people that have been accusing us of corruption are the very people that frustrated it. It’s unfortunate.”



  1. abeg iiiii wasn’t it frm ur past tenure buari is trying to recover stolen money and making it tough for dem

  2. does this thief knows what he is talking abt sha….do you knw how many people in ur administration are presently in efcc custody

  3. sir, you made money unavailable and that is way you fought corruption during your administration?, sir i disagree with you, the revelation of the money looted by your government is too much. i respect you soo much that i never believe you can allow that to happen under your noise.

  4. Goodluck Jonathan is shameless. Thank God he did not make it to second term. He has no regrets for his poor governance and whooping corruption

  5. Let’s understand wat he said. He has not said there were no corupt practice during his tenure. He was able to stop corruption in fertilizer susidy. Coming to oil it was tough and d same pple now claiming dey are fighting corruption were d same pple dat made sure it will not work. Come to think of it all d money dey claim have been rerieved where is it? y are dey not telling us? Y are d names not published as Buhari said? We are watching, let us see wat will happen next

  6. Interesting, he fought corruption indeed, so all these monies that were bring announced now, how were they able to siphoned it all then? Shameless fool. How i wish this is China.

  7. U are right Lawrence the same people frustrated Jona. It’s now they consider that mentioning the list of looters is legal implications. This is bc the list contains a lot of APC members which will be difficult to fight. God is washing Nigerian are washing. Although oga Jona did not do well bc he allowed too many free hand to operate under his watch. A leader became a folo-folo is very annoying. My country people this is lesson learned for all of anywhere you are called to serve. God bless you all.

  8. Unbelievable that this man ruled a nation. I cant imagine the jibrish coming out of his guts.

    Naija, I hail thee!!

  9. With due respect to GEJ, I disagree with the way and manner he fought corruption during his time in office. Is not the same president that told the world that stealing is not corruption? And if he has fought corruption, how come the incumbent government has recovered huge sums of money from some of the people close to GEJ. It’s better for GEJ to just keep quiet and watch things unfold

  10. Please, I didn’t get it! In which country did GEJ say he fought corruption? Certainly not in this my great country, Nigeria!

  11. Jonathan is a sorry sight. Trying to rewrite history. Just look at him. He belongs in jail. Animal in human skin.


  13. Jonathan statement most of the time always made me laugh at times you talk like a pre mature person, just imagine the statement you fought corruption by not allowing people to touch money, uncle J just keep shut and stop irritating Nigerians, stealing is not corruption during your tenure

  14. You fought corruption by not makin money available to people. What s statement after billions have been recovered from people in your government . May be you didn’t know where the mine was as presiding officer so Dansuki nimasa ATMs swallowed everything . What a statement from a nice president.

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